Comparing our modern times to the past ages, we have so much more freedom; freedom to choose where we live, where we go, where we work.

And here when it gets quite interesting.

Where exactly should we put our efforts in to earn decent money and not to break our backs?

There are thousands of ways to earn a living, but which ones are the most effective and do not require extensive investments in cash and time? Let’s figure it out together end explore easy ways to make money.

1. Rent Out a Room

If you own a house or an apartment with a spare room, you can earn money by renting them out. It is an effortless and stable way to get some extra cash on hands without actually spending time and energy.

2. Rethink Your Spending

This might not seem like an obvious choice for this topic. But actually, by saving on the unnecessary purchases, compulsive shopping, extensive house bills you can have more money on your hands to invest them into something more relevant or fun. There are a lot of self-economy books that can give you tips and tricks on how to manage your budget and get more out of your own funds.


3. Drive More

If you have a car and you can drive it – go for Uber. It is not even necessary to make it your primary occupation on the full-time basis. Just pick up people on your way somewhere, and the extra cash will go smoothly with your daily plans, and it is certainly one of the nice ways to make money fast.

4. Participate in Market Research

It is the example of the fairly simple ways to make money. You just answer few questions about consumer experiences and wishes and get paid for that. It is a

perfect way to express your concerns with market issues and actually get paid for that.

5. Sell and Resell

Surely, every one of us has something that we do not use or need anymore, but still keeping it? Well, it might be smarter to get rid of those things, or even better – sell them. All those old books you don’t need, old electronics, clothes, etc. Use such platforms as Amazon, eBay, or Craigslist. It is a good option for sorting out your house while getting some extra cash.


6. Do Small Tasks

There are numerous platforms where people search for helpers with small things like walking the dog, fixing something inside the house, or helping with the homework. For instance, if you need papers for college, you can go to the special websites to seek help. Also, try Craigslist and TaskRabbit.

7. Try Freelance

Freelance is one of the most popular ways to make money from home. On the platforms like Upwork, you can find pretty much any kind of job starting from translation or PowerPoint presentation, ending with webdesign and personal assistant. Some people like this format of employment so much that they actually turn it into their full-time job! An additional benefit to freelance is that you have a wide variety of tasks and fields to work with.

8. Profit From Your Skills

Do you know any kind of foreign language? Are you good with kids? Have you always liked sports? Well, don’t hesitate and get money for your talents. You can babysit, become a personal trainer, tutor people and much more. Convert your experience into money with, and other similar services.

9. Home Improvements

Are you good at organizing and cleaning? You can actually offer your assistance to people who are in need of creating order in their houses. You can earn some cash by reorganizing people’s closets, storages, and garages and get that satisfaction of the tidy and neat living spaces.

10. Walking Tours

Who doesn’t like exploring the city and walking the streets while gazing at the architecture and urban life? Guess what, you can get paid for doing exactly that. Websites like Viator offer you an opportunity to prepare your custom walking tours with the possibility of tipping at the end of the stroll. A bonus feature is an exercise you can do while touring.

Overall, don’t forget to be creative while looking for some extra funds. Use different forums to get the ideas on how to earn money in the most convenient and fast ways possible. In the modern digital era, it has become an easy task and rather pleasurable. You can maintain your free time, do what you actually like, maybe even turn your hobby into a business venture, and all of that does not even require you to leave the house. Just be active, curious and adventurous, and money will come along!

Photo Credit: Nikki Buitendijk