Do you wish you had more funds? Are your studies giving you a giving you a headache?

Delving into different ways to make money while going to school presents a whole new set of challenges. Where should you start looking for employment? Could you actually start your own business?

Along with the initial worries, you’ll have to time manage and set rules for yourself. Time management during this time is key. If you can fit in studying, classes and work, then you will be good to go.

So how about a solution? You can solve all these problems!

There’s no need to rely other your parent’s money, other people’s skills or their employment. You have the potential and ability needed to transform your studying years into something more. The fact is, the current generation is so capable at using technology, but do you know what you can do with it?

  • You can lower your debt and have a more carefree student life.
  • You can create revenue and buzz through social media
  • You can make your own website, freelance marketplace, or ecommerce site.

Here’s how…

1. Get the Perfect Part Time Job

Unfortunately, the job market isn’t very friendly to students. Have you ever been rejected from a job simply because you were pursuing your studies?

Maybe you’ve had the privilege of getting a part-time job. But does your boss understand the pressures of studying while working? Can you ask off for exams or other school functions?

With eCommerce as your source of income, you can sidestep many challenges:

  • You don’t have to answer to a boss anymore. You don’t have the option of disappointing anyone and you aren’t under continuous surveillance.
  • If you start up your own online store you can allocate your own hours. Since the virtual premises doesn’t close you can catch up on work when you’re done with your next assignment.
  • You don’t have to settle for a boring task. Many part time jobs may be not be stimulating. This doesn’t add to motivation when you have to rise early after a late night studying. An eCommerce site can be about a subject, service or product you love. You’ll be more inclined to do the work. This adds some lustre. You don’t want your job to minimize your creativity.

2. Be the Expert Others Need

Not every person is an entrepreneur. Perhaps you still prefer helping people or working with others. Even these things are possible with an eCommerce site.

Do you excel at one of these aspects:

  • Social Media Activity
  • Graphic Design
  • Coding
  • Basic Internet Skills
  • Writing
  • Photography

These only cover the basic services an eCommerce site requires. There are many more ways you can assist companies. Since it’s an online service, the timelines and requirements are different than many other part-time jobs. Online means you can work after hours or at any time that works best for you.

Can you pitch yourself as the perfect eCommerce asset? Maybe you can make someone’s current site better. Look into joining someone else’s entrepreneur endeavor. By working with someone else who is already established, you can get your foot in the eCommerce door and learn all you need to know.

3. Make it a Study Endeavor

How many projects are glaring at you from your to do lists?Perhaps one, or even two, of them can be turned into an eCommerce site. This gives you the chance to submit an original piece of work.

There’s a better way of showing results then just another grade on a piece of paper that can lead to improved marks. An eCommerce website is a platform to test, report on, experience and apply theories. You can do this for a number of subjects:

  • Law: Investigate how difficult it is to navigate online legislature. How does it change when running an international eCommerce site?
  • Marketing: Experience the challenges of online marketing. This goes hand in hand with social media activities. Explain how these interlink. You don’t want your professor to think you simply did the project so you could be on Facebook all day.
  • IT: You can practice coding to put together an eCommerce site. The best ways of doing this might have not been discovered yet. ECommerce is a new and evolving business approach. You can develop better ways of handling online purchases. We all know how rich Mr. Elon Musk became by suggesting a more practical payment method. It was only an idea, but it resulted in millions of dollars of revenue.
  • Design: This is a broad term. It relates to graphic design or art forms like painting. These can enhance the effect of an eCommerce site. You can study how themes, graphics or colors influence sales. At the same time you can start selling your creations. You may be a popular artist even before your studies are over.

4. Ask for Investors

Are you struggling to cover your study costs? Is it too embarrassing to ask for help? Why not adjust your angle?

Investors are more inclined to support a business venture than someone’s studies. Look into the idea of building your own brand. By having your own website in place, you might be able to support yourself through selling your product. And with all of the budding entrepreneurs out there, who doesn’t want a piece of the pie? The outcome can still cover your study fees.

Look at two sources of sponsors:

  • Businesses: Many experienced business men and women have reached their goals through hard work. They have respect for others who also want to work. Convince them of the value of your eCommerce site and your desire to make it work. Ask for realistic timelines. You can pay them back after a few months or years. You’ll have time to build your brand and pay off your debt first. Their valuable input can lead to quicker results.
  • Competitions: Many foundations launch yearly competitions. The world is on the lookout for entrepreneurs. Your eCommerce site idea can win its start up funds if you stand out from the rest of the applicants. You can have capital to kick start your online business. The sooner you show profit the quicker your debt can be settled.

5. Make it a Group Project

Don’t be daunted by a new venture. Having some support can boost your dynamics and benefit everyone involved.

Some eCommerce sites flourish because of many people’s input. All you need:

  • A Marketeer
  • A Social Media Expert
  • An Administrator

Of course, you’ll need an original idea and merchandise too. These aspects also benefit from having many people involved.

All participators can help manufacture products. If you have more ideas flowing, then your products will likely be:

  • More diverse because of a variety of opinions.
  • More developed because you can build on each other’s talents.
  • Produced faster because the work force is larger.

This makes an eCommerce site an excellent idea to pitch to your whole class. Simply make sure everyone’s clear on:

  • Leadership
  • Responsibilities
  • Profit allocation
  • Reinvestment of profit

You don’t want misunderstandings to ruin a lucrative business.

Part of growing up is finding better ways to do things. You see eCommerce sites all around. This option demands your attention. Young people are always looking for new experiences. This is one that will actually benefit your future. Whether you want freedom, skill or funds an eCommerce site can supply it all!