Do you have a timeshare you no longer want or no longer use? Are you unable to afford your vacation ownership property? If either of these reflects your situation, it’s time to sell. So how do you sell a timeshare? Timeshare developers seldom buy these properties back, meaning you need to look for reputable timeshare resale companies. offers an extremely effective way to sell a timeshare with a staff of seasoned timeshare resale specialists, a vast and active online marketplace, and comprehensive advertising services for owners.

With, you will receive expert advice and guidance from the start of the sales process all the way through to closing. They offer various advertising packages with no hidden fees and the ability to showcase your timeshare property through innovative marketing techniques. With more than a decade of experience, is one of the best timeshare companies online to assist you in the sale of your timeshare.

If you own a timeshare and you’re not entirely sure how it works, be sure to read up on how your timeshare can benefit your vacations here, before deciding to advertise it on the resale market.

Pricing Your Timeshare to Sell

Before you go to sell timeshare, you’ll need to determine a particular advertising price. Likely, you won’t know where to start, but can help. They offer a free, zero commitment, three-step timeshare market value survey. You fill it out with your basic ownership details with the independent timeshare experts helping to fill in the blanks. Once completed, you’ll get an accurate price-point of what you can sell your timeshare for. The price will be competitive and reflective of the true worth of your property.

Selling Timeshares on the Resale Market

Once you determine your price to sell, you can work with the independent specialists from to craft a full-page advertisement highlighting the amenities and services offered through your specific timeshare, including any vacation club related benefits and perks. This ad will be spotlighted in’s inventory and seen by an extensive global audience of interested buyers daily.

Once your timeshare advertisement is live, you can utilize the owner portal to contact customer support, request changes to your ad, and field any buyer offers as they come in. Upon receiving an offer, you are able to negotiate with the buyer if need be until you agree on a price that works for you both. Or, you can simply accept the offer as it stands.

From there, you will be referred to a licensed and trusted closing company that will handle all the legal paperwork and ensure everything is in order for the sale. After that, you are officially free of your timeshare ownership.

Currently, offers one of the most efficient ways to sell a timeshare and are an extremely reputable company with a long-standing history of reworking the timeshare resale marketplace to better serve interested buyers as well as current owners.