Everyone has dreams and aspirations.

Some people want to become a neurosurgeon, some want to become a rockstar. Others want to start a family, work on a farm, or maybe even open a surf shop on the Pacific coast. No matter what your dreams are, chase them tenaciously until your legs fall off.

Now, of course, this sounds like a cliche, and that’s because it is. But if you’re ready to move on from your current position, it might be time to consider the risks and rewards of starting anew.

Step One: Assess The Situation

It might seem a bit played out, but grab a pen and pad of paper and sit down with your thoughts. If you have a significant other, include them in this process. Not doing this could cause tension. Communication has been shown time and time again to be a positive influence in long-lasting relationships.

So, what factors should you consider? Here are just a few:

  • Can you realistically afford it?
  • How will the move affect your children?
  • Is there anything physically preventing you from chasing your dreams?
  • Are you sure this is what you want?
  • What are the pros and cons?
  • What matters the most to you in life?

Questions like this often take time to answer. Even more often, there are no concrete and absolute answers. But you still need to decide.

Step Two: Make the Decision

If you never make a firm and calculated decision, you will never get the chance to embrace your dreams. And apathy is contagious. A study conducted on graduate school admission test takers found that when students were subliminally shown pictures of apathetic people, their test scores were worse than those shown optimistic faces and a control group.

Apathy might not just be making you miserable, but your family as well. Decide. You simply must.

Step Three: Logistics

Here’s the detailed part. You have a vague idea of the financial burden this move will place on your family. That’s likely one of the biggest reasons you had against moving. Say you do decide to pursue your dreams. What do you need?

    1. A Movement Plan – Buying a home online isn’t exactly the best way to go about it. You are going to need to narrow it down to a select few, then choose a date to travel out to your desired location and look at as many as possible. Out in California, for example, a home takes roughly 40 days to close. Plan ahead. Put your home on the market as soon as you can and try to time it so you don’t need to spend time at a hotel before you move into your new place. Also, pack as light as you can afford. You want a fresh start, right?
    2. A Business Plan – There’s no sense in moving until you have a concrete strategy. Moving while trying to start a business is extraordinarily difficult, so make sure your previous job is taken care of and your new business is up and running within a week. Invest your time in social media while you are still working at your old job. You can do this from home. It’s easy, and it will eventually be necessary for success. When you get there, set up signage. Half of new customers for startup businesses result from signs. Start building up your dream.
    3. A Date – That’s pretty much it, except right now it is nothing but a fantasy. Make it real. Set a date, book a flight, pack your bags, and go.

The decision is scary, and you might not necessarily have all of the answers at first. But with a solid plan and the support of your partner or family behind you, your dreams of starting your own business are closer than you might think.