Now, the first thing to know is that there is no such a thing as free money.

Things work a certain way and profit does not come out of nowhere. However, you can gain more by doing less. What does it mean though? It means that you don’t have to do everything or, better said, working smart saves time and energy.

It is hard to keep a small business on the waterline, but once it started to make a little bit of profit it is important to keep it growing. Every business needs some upgrades from time to time, in order to help it keep up with the market, but also with the customers request. If the company gained some notoriety, it will have to offer more and more because it will have increasing numbers of orders.

Working smarter means acknowledging the fact that the business needs outside help, like outsource software, marketing and promotion and so on. Upon that, hiring other companies to do the job that you can otherwise do it yourself (only not on the same level) is a smart move as it will bring more profit as a result of quality service, products and advice from the professionals.

You may think that creating such jobs for new people inside the company would be a better solution, but it will cost more money than it seems as the jobs need to be steady and on a long term, even though they are not necessary and vital at all times.

Outsource Software

Sure, standard software available in specialised stores (like the Microsoft Office packs) is great for a while and it helps with many issues, but at some point, the business will grow out of it. Besides, nowadays people need simplified solutions for everything, so bringing in the user-friendly apps on any kind of device (phones, tablets, computers and so on) will generate a lot of satisfaction for both ends.

Make Money Work Less

Outsource software is a little bit more expensive that the standard non-dedicated one, but it is worth because it makes work easier, it saves a considerable amount of time for the company and the persons that run it since they don’t have to worry about it anymore. On the other hand, the expenses are not constant: you pay once and then only from time to time for maintenance. If you make the calculations, by buying outsource software and service is cheaper than having to pay an employee constantly on a job that is not even required at all times.

On the time issue, dedicated software is made to turn the business into a more efficient one. This can only mean that it saves time by reducing the amount of operations, for example, not to mention that having someone else building it is intuitively helpful and better for time management. It will allow you and your employees to take care of other issues, while the outsource company works for your business. Otherwise, the final software product will have an indubitable higher quality and will guarantee flexibility as it can be changed or modified on request.

Market Research

Many small business owners choose to do the research themselves and that is not necessarily a bad thing to but, but that requires a lot of time, energy and other resources that can have a better use somewhere else. Besides, doing a quality research requires knowledge and professionalism that the owner may or may not have. The expertise, however, does not only rely on basic research, but it involves more than that. Brand mapping is a very important step in finding out information about competitors and it is efficient because it summarises in a visual way any kind of relevant information about the competitors. Also, research on customers and their needs, wishes and requests has to be done in order to make sure the products or services are dedicated to them. So, market research is good for customers and businesses alike since it works on the benefit of the both.

Advertising Agencies

Marketing is important for a business in order for it to survive. People need to know about it, about its products, services and offers and working with an advertising company may just be one of the greatest solutions on this issue. If it is not an advertising agency, it should at least be a PR one or a marketing company. Either way, all of those combined would be actually the ticket to success, but if the company cannot afford all of those services, then it should take baby steps. Marketing can indeed be something that people can do themselves since social media is such a great means of promoting nearly anything. However, a marketing strategy, besides going hand in hand with research, can be more promising that just doing things intuitively. There are some steps to be followed, some things that work and some that don’t and with the internet offering so many opportunities it is somehow confusing.


Running your own business can be a little overwhelming, but also you may not want to make someone else responsible with something out of fear that they won’t know what to do. You hired people to help you, so you should trust them with tasks because they may be better at doing them than you. Have talks with them so they know what you are looking for and what your requests and standards are. Also, in order to make sure they are prepared, provide some training sessions and some tests.

Hire More People

Growing businesses need constant updates and that means that you might need to hire more people if you and your current team are struggling to keep up with the pace. You will have to invest a lot of time and effort into preparing them and training them for the job in order to help them reach the level of expectations and standards that the company has.