Are you thinking of entering the vacation rental business? Did you already try renting your property, but you didn’t have financial success?

If you would like to learn how to make money on a vacation rental property, the key lies in determining the right strategy and following it. Here are the crucial vacation rental tips for owners to know:

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Vacation Rental

Picking the right property is critical for making money with vacation rentals. The idea is to attract customers with a tempting short-term home, but that is not easy.

Start by assessing the location of the property. These two factors are vital:

  • City attractions – what are the most attractive areas in your city? Does it have a beautiful beach or a huge water park? Is the city a ski center? Try to pick a rental that is close to the city’s downtown or a famous attraction.
  • Seasonality – will the property and location be attractive throughout the entire year? Are there festivals and other events that could allow for increasing the price during a specific period?

Next, consider the size and layout of the accommodation. Spacious properties could be attractive for large groups of friends, which is how millennials frequently travel these days. A bigger apartment also allows you to charge more.

Once you pick the right property, don’t forget to check the local laws and regulations. This can help you find out whether you need an Airbnb business license or other permits.

The Importance of Decorating the Property and Equipping It with Amenities

If you love decorating, designing the interior of the property will be your favorite part of the vacation rental business process. Those who have a limited budget shouldn’t hesitate to reuse their old furniture and combine it with new items.

You can never go wrong with the neutral color palette. The idea is to create an inviting and friendly environment. Feel free to add a couple of unique, colorful items, but avoid cluttering the place.

It is not only about how to make money on a vacation rental property but also how to avoid over-investing. That frequently happens when it comes to equipping your property with amenities. Toiletries, pillows, linens, air conditioning, parking, and Wi-Fi are necessary items for your home. However, there are also amenities that don’t matter much and could cost you a fortune. Keep this in mind when choosing amenities for your vacation rental to avoid spending too much money on unnecessary items.

Learn to Take Advantage of Calendar-Based Pricing

A suitable pricing strategy is a great tactic when it comes to how to make money on a vacation rental property. Before you start renting, you can decide the price based on similar accommodations. Look for apartments and houses in your area with similar layouts and other features.

Don’t forget to consider the busiest time of the year in your city or location. Is your town particularly attractive during the summer because of its beaches? Perhaps there is a fall festival that attracts more tourists than usual?

All these are good reasons to increase the price during the busy season months times. On the other hand, if the frequency of tourists drops during certain months, consider lowering the price at those points. That could increase the average occupancy and profit.

Advertise Your Rental Property

Another great tip on the topic of how to make money on a vacation rental property is advertising. Creating a well-thought-out marketing strategy can be very beneficial for increasing the number of bookings.

This includes investing money, but also other resources like time and effort. Here are some vacation rental tips that can help in the advertising department:

  • Add listings to different platforms – this increases the visibility of your property and the odds of people noticing your listing.
  • Accurate and detailed descriptions – provide truthful information, and don’t hesitate to point out the most attractive things about your property. Start with crucial info and dwell on details later.
  • High-quality photos – images are the best way for guests to get the idea of how your property looks like. Consider making a video tour, too.
  • Social media – create pages for your rental business on social media. Rely on social media marketing tools to increase the visibility of your listing.
  • Local partnerships – cross-promote with local businesses by offering discounts for restaurants, bars, cafes, etc. you partnered up with.

How Can Vacation Rental Software Help Grow Your Business?

It takes time and effort to run a vacation rental business, especially if you have more than one rental property. The good news is that you can use vacation rental software to help you handle your rental business effortlessly.

Vacation rental management software help by automating many processes and identifying ways how to increase revenue. Here is how you can benefit from rental management apps:

  • Run all accounts from a single board – instead of logging into multiple platforms, run everything from a single dashboard.
  • Automated messages and guest reviews – you can respond to any questions and leave reviews by using customized templates and automate the sending of routine messages.
  • Cleaning and team management – organize the cleaning crew and make sure they received, accepted, and completed the tasks.

So, Do Vacation Rentals Make Money?

We hope that now you have a clear idea of how to make money on a vacation rental property. Smart moves and rational thinking can get you far. It will take some trial and error to maximize profit. However, as long as you make the right steps, your revenue in the rental business will increase over time!