Making money is very easy if you put enough labour and fervour into it. Money can’t be produced using any sort of magic. As it is said, hard work leads to success, but that’s only partially true. In today’s highly developed world, hard work is not the only key. You don’t need to work in 9 to 5 jobs. You can earn money easily with somewhat a mixture of hard work and smart work.

You can’t build your empire in one day. Time, patience and consistency should be given in full quantity for any work. If you want to earn $100 per day without a full-time job, then online part-time jobs are the best option to opt for. For any online jobs, the internet and a computer are must-haves. For any offline jobs, the flexibility of work hours is needed.

Nowadays, choosing a good online job seems difficult, but you have many options. Beware! There are many scams and fraud, but again chill down, all these jobs were checked and they are secure. High salary, Flexible time management, basic study credentials are the few important criteria for any job.

So without wasting any more time, let’s check out the jobs with a potential income of $100 every day. Below, you’ll find 11 different types of job sectors. Each job sectors come with different companies/websites and the salary amount mentioned clearly.

1. Blogging Jobs

Blogging is a collective of different skills and niches that helps to run a blog that implements the process of writing, posting, linking, and sharing content easier around the board. A blogger is a person who has creative skills and writes high-quality content about popular topics. Making Money through blogging is something that does not demand a specific time of the day, so you have the freedom to work at any time.

Blogging Jobs name and payment detail :

  • Blogging Pro – $100 and more every day. It depends upon your blog quality, traffic size and niche. And it takes time to build.

2. Social Media Marketing Jobs

The world is full of social media where Facebook, Instagram and others rule it. Almost everyone has a smartphone and most people love to spend time on social media. What if I said, you will get money for spending time on social media? Yes, with the help of a social media marketing job, that’s possible. The main work of these types of job is to rate advertisements and give feedback on the news feed. This helps to increase the sale of businesses. This helps in the growth of the local business.

Different types of social media marketing job names with detail payment information:

  • Social Media Evaluator – Through this job, you can make $3 to $8 every hour. To count a day, you will nearly hit the mark of $100.
  • Facebook ads manager –  Payment starts from $135 per month and varies depending upon the different business.

3. Freelancing Jobs

Freelance, Freelancer or Freelancing are the common terms used for a self-employed person who works as writer, designer or marketer on an hourly basis. They don’t work for one particular company. They can fit in any sector such as blogs, marketing, IT and beyond; and work for different clients. In order to achieve this job, strong writing background is not much essential. The typical tenure for a freelancer is more or less than a year. 

Name of freelancing jobs with payment information :

  • Fiverr –  Fiverr pays $150 per hour or more.
  • TextBroker – The payment is $9 to $12 per hour, depending upon which level you are.

4. Customer Service Jobs

Customer service jobs where an employee acts as a bridge between the company and the customers. They help customers with complaints and questions and more. By helping customers, they take their reviews and sent go to the respective company. By making customer satisfy, company’s sell increases.  

Customer service job names and payment detail :

  • WorldWide 101 –  Payment starts from  $15 – $20 per hour. So per day payment is around $ 300. 
  • U-Haul – The payment starts from $ 9 to $ 16 per hour, depending upon the work. Per day: $250

5. Call Center Jobs

Call center jobs are a component of customer service, sales and research. They mostly do their work through the medium of telephone calls. There is a more fascinating term for these types of jobs, called BPO (Business Process Outsourcing). This job requires great communication and customer service skills. It helps you to earn good money by working in flexible hours. It requires a quiet home office, separate landline, a headset, a PC or laptop with high-speed internet.

Call center job names and their payment :

  • Advains –  The payment is done on hourly wage (though that wage is not specified on their website). 
  • Live OPs –  The payment is $18.60 per hour. On counting per day, it rises up to $440.

6. Review Jobs

Review jobs are one of the best and easy work from home jobs. The main work of these types of jobs is to give good reviews for different companies. By doing this, it will attract users to that respective company. This is quite an interesting job as it is designed in such a way that the website pays you to be a search engine evaluator.

Review jobs with payment details :

  • LeapForce – $10-$13 per hour and that adds up to $312 per day. They pay every month in the form of a cheque.
  • Pay Per Cost – On successful completion of a review, the payments are done via PayPal. Payment starts from $50.

7. Proofreading Jobs

Proofreading is on the frontier of reviewing and analysing the final draft of a piece of writing to ensure accuracy in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting for publishing environments. In simple terms, it means finding and correcting any sorts of mistake in texts. Companies and publisher houses require proofreading to ensure the quality of the text,  check any plagiarism and maintain professionalism throughout.

Different types of Proofreading jobs with salary information :

  • – $22 to $45 per hour or more depending on the work.
  • Proofreadnow – Nearly $100 per day and beyond, depending upon the work.

8. Survey Jobs

I would bet this is one of the best and easiest work-from-home jobs. The work of this kinda jobs is to give your feedback or do a review on a product. This, in turn, helps consumers to buy that product. The surveys are often short and easy. You can choose the survey according to your need. Sign up for the job and make money.

Survey job names with payment information in detail :

  • Survey Junkie –  $45 per Survey. If you would do 3-4 survey, you would probably earn more than $100 a day.
  • MindsPay – Payment is$3 sign-up bonus. $50 per Survey. $0.5 per paid email. You are paid via your PayPal account.

9. Online Tutor Jobs

Online Tutoring Jobs are really great jobs for making money. In this job, you have to teach a subject of your wish on your own time. The basic requirements are needed like a bachelor’s degree, High-speed internet, computer & webcam/microphone. The payment will be hourly.

Detail information about online tutoring jobs names and payment :

  • Vipkid – The payment is $ 22 per hour. So go on the count for a day.
  • Magic Ears – The payment starts from $ 22- $ 26 per hour.

10. Website Testing Jobs

Website testing or Website testers, are required for testing and monitoring sites and application. It is complete testing before making anything public.

Website testing job names and payment detail :

  • Usertesting – They pay around $10 for every task which lasts up to 20 minutes.
  • Userlytics – Payment is $10 per task through via PayPal. Each task lasts up to 20 minutes.

11. Transcription Jobs

Transcription job is business service that converts recorded or live speech into a written document. This job has a flexible work hour. It doesn’t require much phone work. It may sound easy, but that’s not always true. You’ll be listening to speakers of all stripes, different accents, high and low pitch voice. Accuracy, excellent typing skills, and strict adherence to the style guide are a few of the basic requirements for this job. The shortest audio length is 2-4 minutes long.

Transcription jobs with their payment detail:

  • TranscribeMe – The payment is $20 every audio hour and done on a weekly basis.
  • Rev – The payment for transcriptions starts from$20 and goes up to $40 an hour. Every Monday they pay off. Captioners (for social media platform) earn $0.40-$0.75 for each minute of video. So $240/month per month.

Final Words

Sometimes, you don’t have to work full time in the lust of money, to live your dream life or fulfill your wishes. These simple yet powerful part-time jobs will let you live your life happily and push you to pursue your dreams. In this article, you have come across various jobs with different companies and their payment facilities. I hope this article will help you to get you a job that will increase your quality of life.