No matter where you live, or the industry you work in, everyone across the world has felt the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in some form or another. It is no exaggeration to say that these current events will markedly change society and have already really opened our eyes to what is important.

Social distancing, one of the mainstays of the current crisis, is not only important and prevalent right now, but will change interactions in the future.

Luckily, the ever growing influence of the internet has provided many online opportunities that enable us to meet these challenges head on! With job industries of all kinds being affected in some way, the importance of a second income stream is really being highlighted – and so below are some suggestions of how you can continue to earn money whilst maintaining social distance.

1. Online Tutoring

The way education is being carried out is evolving. As well as more and more people working online, and realizing that it is a lot more feasible than initially thought, the same can be said for education, and the trend of online learning is becoming too large to ignore.

In addition to this, modern students grow up with technology at their fingertips and more and more students are already working online, turning to online tutoring companies such as Studypool for help with work across all subjects, from science and poetry to resume writing and graphic design.

With no formal qualifications necessary, online tutoring platforms are a fantastic way to start earning a considerable amount of money and build up your own remote business, whilst maintaining a safe distance from others. Per Sam Hurst, whose team oversees tutor applications, “applications have definitely gone up since the start of the pandemic, so Studypool encourages tutors to be specific in their application about their unique skills and knowledge to really stand out from the crowd.”

2. ESL Teaching

One of the main drawbacks of social distancing is of course the relative lack of contact with others we have been forced to experience lately. Video calls and virtual conversations have become the new coffee shops and bars, with many of us striving to maintain some form of social interaction.

With this in mind, teaching English as a foreign language is a fantastic way to keep social, meet new people and broaden your cultural horizons, from the comfort of your own lockdown location. Companies like VIPKid put ESL teachers in contact with students of all ages and levels and really let your creativity come to the fore!

The curriculum is pre-planned with multiple slideshows and lessons – so all you need to do is capture your student’s attention and bring the lessons to life. Props, games and songs go a long way, not only in classes themselves but in breaking up the monotony of a socially distant time.

3. Freelancing

If tutoring and teaching don’t appeal to you, but you still want to keep your professional and creative juices flowing, online freelancing websites such as Upwork and Fiverr are more popular than ever and can really help keep your professional areas of work up-to-date amid perhaps a pandemic enforced lay-off.

There are thousands of jobs and projects available on these platforms, with copywriting, website creation, voice over work and project management among the many options! Many users base their whole career around working on these platforms, and for those who can’t bear the thought of going back to the office, it’s a path worth seriously considering.

4. Social Media Management

No matter where you look on social media, there are ‘influencers’ everywhere – both with individuals promoting goods and companies, and with brands themselves looking to get in on the advertising action. Big and small companies heavily use social media platforms to build followings and gain an online presence, but smaller companies often outsource their social media management tasks, with there simply not being the option to sustain an ‘in-house’ department.

With a great deal of us spending more time on social media than maybe we should during this period of social distancing, it’s a perfect opportunity to take what you’ve learned and apply these lessons to really help grow a brand’s following – now is the perfect time to capitalize on a captive audience!

All of these jobs are becoming more and more viable and offer a great opportunity to not only to create a secondary source of income but with the increased use of online platforms, to forge a new career. Perfectly situated to take advantage of the socially distant situation that the world finds itself in, as well as being in a prime position to move forward in a potentially (slightly) different world.