Internships are invaluable. The experience gathered, relationships made, and opportunity for post-graduate employment can help students surpass their peers both in and out of the workplace. In addition to the soft skills developed during internships, data tells us that approximately 60 percent of college graduates who complete a paid internship receive at least one job offer. This is significant and positions college graduates with an opportunity to kickstart their futures. 

Those at U.S. Money Reserve are bonafide experts when it comes to summer internships. Every summer, U.S Money Reserve hires for three paid internship positions. This year, the company is searching for interns in RFT production, social media and marketing, and graphic design. For these positions, the company searches for students who are passionate, motivated, driven, and innovative. 

If you are searching for a position, whether for the summer or an upcoming semester, you are likely considering how you can prepare yourself to land an internship. 

Based on the experience from U.S. Money Reserve hiring managers, here are four tips that you can use to land your next internship opportunity.

1. Make sure your resume shines

Your resume is the very first impression, even before you step into the office for an interview. Your resume is seen most often by the hiring manager first and then extended to the internship manager. 

For this reason, you need your resume to really shine. Instead of exporting your experience from your LinkedIn profile and sending your resume off as a PDF, consider formatting it in a tool such a Canva, a free design tool. Next, circulate your resume to two or three friends to review for grammar or format feedback. 

2. Create a customized cover letter for the position

You have your resume set and are ready to go out and start your job search. Next, once you find a position you are ready to apply for, it’s time to create a customized cover letter. 

Just like with the resume, you want to stand out, and your cover letter is an excellent way to continue that first impression. Avoid using a generic cover letter, and let your personality shine through. Express your interest in the company, add a line or two about why you want to work in this particular position, and explain how your experience applies to the internship.

3. Practice your interview skills

You can get ahead of the game and practice your interview skills. We recommend starting to practice before your internship interview call comes in. 

There is no doubt that going to an interview can be intimidating. You could be meeting with a variety of decision makers, and it might even be your first time in a corporate environment. Remember that the more practice you have, the easier it will become. 

Consider these tips when preparing for your interview:

  1. Prepare a list of questions you could be asked and a response to each one. 
  2. Be ready to discuss your experience and how it applies to the position. 
  3. Have an introduction ready to give an “elevator pitch” as the interview begins. 
  4. Consider recording yourself and playing it back to see how you did.
  5. And most of all, be sure to smile and relax during your interview. 

4. After your interview, follow up

Always follow up with a thank you email or card within 24 to 48 hours. This communicates your interest in the position without making you seem too persistent. If you do not hear back from the employer within the timeline that they have indicated, do not be afraid to send a follow-up.

Preparing for a potential internship is no easy task. We understand the nerves that come with something you are really looking forward to, which is why we have equipped you with the tips you need to land your next internship opportunity.

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