Amazon is a great open marketplace, which allows any company to reach a wide target audience. However, quantity of the products available at this website is huge, so you should find a way to promote your product effectively. Otherwise, it will be lost in the crowd of the thousands of similar items. You can also find this help with an amazon agency.

If you want to learn tips and tricks on how to engage Amazon buyers, check the following ultimate guide. It will help you to boost your marketing efforts and achieve the desired results.

1. Come Up With a Catchy Title

To create a perfect title you should take two actions. Firstly, you should conduct a keyword research and analyze the current market trends. Secondly, you should start to think like a user and try to predict his web browsing behavior.

An optimal title length should be between 150-200 characters and it should contain one or two focus keywords. Keep in mind that you create a product name for real people, not for machines, so it should be readable and engaging. If you will follow these simple rules, you will significantly increase the click-through-rate.

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2. Write an Engaging Product Description

It’s really important to understand who your ideal customer is and what preferences he has. It will help you to get an idea which words and tone of voice to use creating a product description. You should analyze the demographics as well as the buying behavior of your target audience to describe your product in the most effective way.

Don’t overload the product description with the meaningless information. Try to keep it short, precise and informative. Otherwise, visitors will not want to read it until the end and will leave a page too fast.

3. Add Bulleted Lists

In fact, modern people don’t really like to read the long texts. They spend only few seconds to look through the product description and then go to the next page. So, if you want to engage Amazon buyers, you have to present the most important information in a form of the bulleted lists.

Moreover, it will help a user to compare your product with other items available in the market and make a final buying decision.  Try your best to list all the benefits of your product, to showcase it in the most favorable light.

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4. Monitor Feedback

A value of the feedback is hard to overestimate. Reading and analyzing positive and negative reviews you can come up with ideas on how to improve customers’ engagement. Your task is to define the major problems with the product delivery or usage, which your buyers faced.

Let’s imagine that you sell the slow cookers. Recently, you received 5 negative reviews, in which consumers stated that an operation manual doesn’t contain clear instructions on how to prepare yogurt.

In order to solve this problem and improve customers’ satisfaction, you can provide the buyers with a link to the helpful information. Also, you can expand the product description and add some basic directions on how to use a slow cooker. In this way, you will help your clients and they will reward you with loyalty.  

5. Check the Q&A Section

While the past clients write the reviews, your potential customers ask the questions. So, if you want to engage new buyers, you should provide them with comprehensive answers.

Moreover, if you will review the Q&A section carefully, you will find out how to improve the product description. For example, if you receive too many questions about the packaging, price or quality of materials, you should write a few additional paragraphs to cover these topics.

If you have just placed a product on Amazon and you have received neither reviews nor questions yet, you can check the similar products offered by your competitors. Try to conduct a little market research and come up with an idea on how to describe your products better than rivals do.

6. Add high-quality photos

You have no chance to engage Amazon buyers without high-quality photos of the product. When people shop online, they have no opportunity to touch an item, to hold it in hands and to visually evaluate its real size. They use photo to imagine how it will look like in a real life.

You should use only clear high-resolution images. It’s better to take pictures of a product on a monochromatic background, preferably of white or black colors. Moreover, it’s recommended to publish some vector images or photos, which explains how to install and use your item.

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7. Use Social Media

Most of the Amazon buyers use social media, so if you want to reach them, you should do it via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Try to analyze the target audience’s preferences and choose 2-3 the most widely used social networks. It will help you to focus your strategy on concrete channels and boost your marketing efforts.

Social media will help you to start a dialogue with your target audience and advertise your goods in an unobtrusive way. You will learn what does your audience likes and dislikes about your product. As a result, you will be able to adjust your marketing strategy to make it work better.

8. Create Lightning Deals

If your marketing budget allows you to spend some extra money on paid promotion, you should create a lightning deal. It will be displayed on Today’s deals page and will help you to grab the attention of your target audience. It works great when you are about to launch a new product and need to drive engagement.

Final Words

Amazon provides every big and small seller with great opportunities to grow sales and gain high profits. If you want to take your business to the next level, don’t hesitate to use this ultimate guide to engage your target audience. It will help you to achieve your business goals in a short period of time.