Does your current situation require you to stay at home most of the time? Say, for example, you have a baby, and there’s no one else but you who can take care of them. Your spouse works, but their job is sufficient enough for food on the table and money for the bills.

Maybe you just don’t want to work in an office anymore, spending your time sweating for someone else’s profit when you could be pursuing your own dreams. Thus, you search for an exit from that bland life.

Whatever your reasons, there is one common factor: you still need an income. Otherwise, how will you buy milk for your child (or pets if you’re more of an animal person than a person person)?

Therefore, consider using your skills and talents (everyone has at least one hidden talent) to launch your own home-based business. Take these ideas for example.

1. Freelance Writing

If you have a knack for the written word, then you’re born in the right era to earn and to capitalize on that skill. Because today, in the age of the internet, there’s an increasing demand for meaningful online content. Content is king, after all, and who best to create such material? Yes. Writers.

However, the constant need for content also means writers must write more.

Thus, you’re going to need to cut off all distractions that the internet can give you. You may want to shut down your laptop and go old-school like Hemingway.

To be specific, use a smart typewriter.

For one, it lets you focus more on your writing because that’s the only thing you can do with it. Smart typewriters do not have distracting apps or time-consuming games or even web browsers that overwhelm you with tabs and tabs of pointless information. Smart typewriters connect to the internet only to save and upload your drafts to a cloud storage (i.e., Google Drive, DropBox, etc.).

With writing, less is more; brevity is wit. Use a simple object to achieve a greater goal, and you’ll be swimming in commissions and cash soon and maybe even royalties!

2. Handicrafts Selling

Another hobby you can profit from is crafting, especially when your particular trade addresses a lucrative niche, for example, woodworking and creating novelty furniture.

Sure, big corporations can churn out more products with their automated factories, but there are still a lot of people who prefer the charm of handcrafted commodities. Particularly, millennials support small-time artisans rather than establishments.

Crafting isn’t just limited to home furnishings, however. It’s an umbrella term that includes a wide range of skills, including calligraphy, paper crafting, event decorating, and many, many more.

So if your specific skill set is among those “smaller scale” crafts, don’t worry. You can still make a living out of selling them.

Many online platforms like Etsy help you set up your own digital storefront for your creations and connect you to a global population of consumers looking for handicrafts and such. And the great thing is that it’s almost cost-free! Most of those platforms just require you to pay processing fees for every transaction you make.

If you need advice on maximizing your net profit, consider shopping on websites that sell affordable craft supplies to save money on your expenses. That way, you can earn more without having to inflate your prices. After all, setting your prices low attracts more customers, which means more business for you.

3. Video Streaming

This doesn’t mean watching videos and movies online; rather, this refers to the other end of the screen (or, more aptly, the camera). Specifically, this means creating and uploading videos to sites like YouTube or streaming on platforms like

Going back on the concept of “content is king,” words and letters aren’t the only ones that fill the internet with content. Videos too inhabit the digital space and potentially generate income for their publishers and, by extension, their original creators.

If you lead an interesting life or have a knack for entertaining or informing, you may want to try putting up a vlog (a.k.a. video blog) on YouTube. It’s like your own web television. Once you get enough subscribers and viewers, you can allow YouTube (or your chosen website) to display ads on your videos. Companies pay video sharing sites for advertisement time, and in turn, those sites will pay you for letting those ads appear on your content.

Similarly, if you love playing video games, you can also earn by broadcasting your game time live on This is called streaming, and there’s a surprising thousands of people who pay to watch others play. In fact, some gamers have already earned millions just by streaming their games!

Final Words

These three are just some of the money making ideas that you can do at home. You may have your own plans.

With how the world is connected digitally today, you may be able to find a demand for your whatever you’re thinking, so don’t be afraid to try anything. Who knows? Maybe your venture will be a big hit!