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Are you a freelance writer?

Or are you dreaming of becoming one?

Being your own boss and building a small business might be easier than you think. You just need to be creative!

But don’t be too excited about it, there are a few helpful writing tips you still need to learn about putting up the best creativity in your freelance job or career.

The bottom line to writing those to-be-killer contents either for your prospective clients or existing ones is to help drive not only traffic, but sales tailored to solutions to the problems at stake.

Believe me, to be able to create an income statement out of your writing business, you need to supercharge or increase your creative power.

As a freelance writer, I had moments when I asked myself some questions to bring me up to speed. These questions keep me brainstorming through the cause or vision which my business preaches.

I don’t have any intent of making this article a long one, so I am going to be straight.

I will be sharing with you some practices which I have adopted in my writing business to help you fire up the creative flame in your freelance writing career.

Let’s get started!

1. Give Yourself The Best Treat

Should you not be aware, you are the key to standing out tall among the crowd. Creativity only works on people who take care of themselves.

Keep your body healthy and put up the best and serene environment to write on.

Avoid working on physically disturbed areas or what I call environmental uncreative areas that destroy the creative process. This one has been on my A-list of to-do practices for effective content creation.

2. Build Your Confidence

It’s common to be afraid of your voice being heard, especially if you are just starting out a freelance writing career. This fear even increases, with the knowledge of the internet being flooded with expert content writers.

If there is one thing you must eliminate from your writing dictionary is the fear to dominate your market. Build your confidence and use it in one innovative and unique area of your niche.

Did you notice the phrase up there “use it in one innovative and unique area of your niche”? It’s simply called being creative, cowboy!

Being unique and original at first may sound stupid and unconvincing, but if you know where you’re heading to and you work on your confidence level, you will be sure receiving series of paychecks for your case studies.

3. Supercharge Your Passion With Excellence

If I may ask you this one thing – who do you listen to? What will be your answer? I guess you’re reflecting on it right now. That question should hit you if at all you have is passion for content writing.

If you want to receive your dream pay check for your freelance writing business, you must have passion for what you do, and then go a step further to supercharge it with excellence.

Always surround or associate yourself with great minds. Remember when I talked about discovering your environment and market? This includes studying those experts in your niche who are already a success in their business.

The truth is – you must have who you listen to, you must read inspiring and creative write ups (like the ones written here on Money Mini Blog), you must consult freelance writing reports, you must attend seminars and conferences, especially the ones organized by great minds.

4. Get Started Creating

Creating simply means being innovative, and that’s exactly what you need to excel as a freelance writer or content marketer.

Procrastination is one big challenge that kills the will and potentials in you.

You only need to destroy procrastination and start creating. Thoughts like “I will start it maybe tomorrow” or “I am not ready now, maybe some other time” only shut your creative power down and kick you out of business.

Creativity is a process, and so you need to set it on course and let the balls rolling. Your competitors are already writing, so setting the ball rolling can put you on track to successful competition.

If you do not create, you will not be creative. It’s from creating that creativity comes in.

Ask yourself:

  • Who are my targeted buyers or audience?
  • How viable or content viral is the market?
  • What problems exist in the market?
  • How often do people crave for solutions to these problems?
  • What have they not been reading?

There are more to ask yourself, just create and you will be amazed on how inspired you would become.

In all you get, try to understand the real concept of content marketing, you may have known it before now, but as a freelance writer, a call to action can help you unveil what you’ve been missing!

And if you need another pragmatic hint, here is a list of websites that pay you to write.

Hmm, looks like I will be wrapping it up here. It’s time to hear from you!

Let’s get this discussion started in the comments…