I made a few changes this week.

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I’ve also added related posts after each article, again.

These are all attempts to help you navigate this blog better.

Feel free to share any suggestions in the comments. Here are the money and productivity articles I’ve found for you this week.

12 Things I Should Have Considered More Carefully Before Buying My First Home (The Simple Dollar) – Buying a house is such a large purchase. Do your research before diving in. This article is a great starting place.

Why I’m Saving More and Paying Off Less Debt This Year (Frugal Rules) – This is a great example of how our emotions play a part in our finances. More than we like to admit. Sure, there is the “logical” side that may say “save $1000 as an emergency fund, then pay off debt,” but if you prefer the security of having a larger emergency fund first, do that.

5 Money Saving Challenges You Can Start Today (Disease Called Debt) – I love anything that gets people to save more money, and challenges are always fun – so here you go!

6 Things That Help Me Stop Worrying About Money (Get Rich Slowly) – This is how financial freedom works, and the benefits that come with it.

5 Strategies to Manage Your Self Control / Discipline Conundrum (Genius Types) – Brian dives in to your goals, habits, discipline and other areas to discover what things are most important when it comes to making everything happen successfully.

Stop Worrying About Doing it Right (Impossible) – This is such an important thing to understand. You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get started. That applies to so much in life. We wait for the perfect time when we have everything we need and all the knowledge, but that time never comes. Just get started!

10 Ways to Get Into the Writing Zone (Steven Aitchison) – I know you may or may not be a writer, but if you even somewhat consider yourself a writer, this is a great piece on focus.

Being Happy With the Simple Things in Life (RirianProject) – This is a great quick read to put things back into perspective, and remind us of how easily our priorities can get out of order.

Have a great weekend! Share your thoughts below!