So far, so good on the Cyclical Ketogenic Diet.

I’m enjoying the meals, and experimenting with just eating whatever I want on my “carb up” days (30-48 hours a week). If I stop seeing results on the scale and in the gym, then I’ll go to a more “low fat, high carb” cycle, instead of strict keto, and just plain cheating.

I’m also trying Keto Delivered, a service that sends a monthly box of keto-friendly products to try.

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Check out this new website (It’s like eBay, only better)

Before I move on, I want to tell you about something amazing (that I’ll probably write more about soon). BriskSale is an online selling service that charges absolutely NO FEES. It’s like eBay (kind of), except you don’t pay for your listing at any point in the process. And they offer a referral program that allows anyone to find a buyer for any item, and earn a commission. That’s awesome. I’m not currently affiliated with them, I just want to get the word out! That means you can tell your friend about an item or a blogger could post an item on their blog, and those are just a couple ways to earn a commission.

Now check out this hilarious two minute Saturday Night Live skit. Sadly; it’s as true as it is funny. Don’t mind the subtitles, this was the only full version I could find on YouTube.

“Don’t Buy Stuff You Can’t Afford”

This Week in Money and Productivity

There were no guest articles this week. Let me know if you’re interested in writing an article for MoneyMiniBlog. I only accept posts from other bloggers who are looking for more exposure. I’m not accepting articles from business who are just looking for an advertisement in the form of an article.

Here’s what you may have missed this week:

Here’s what I found around the web:

Stop Chasing the Joneses. They Suck! (Debt Roundup) – I always love articles about not trying to look rich, while making yourself more broke. It’s a common fallacy, in the US especially. It’s always good to hear different ideas and perspectives about topics like this.

All You Need, You Already Have (Zen Habits) – Leo has an amazing gift for simplifying life and explaining it in an easy-to-understand way. This article is quite true, and it will help you to see the bigger picture and stop chasing consumerism, if you do.

How Each Generation Wastes Its Money (Bustle) – This is just fun and interesting. Millennials waste the most money on eating out, and we waste more than previous generations on it. I can agree with that. I spend a lot of money on eating out, and I know the hidden cost, and the lost cost of not investing that money, but we love to eat out and we budget for it – that’s the important thing, budgeting for it.

Weird Things I Did in My 20s to Save Money (Tawcan) – This is funny, entertaining and informative. You may get some ideas from this list. Some of these ways are pretty crazy, which may be what I like most out the article.

What 25 Years and $200 Million in Financing Taught Me (Entrepreneur) – Interesting lessons from the CEO of QuestFusion. Patrick gives you several bullet points from what he has learned over the years.

This is One Area of Your Budget Where You Will Often Find Savings (Disease Called Debt) – For my UK readers, this can seriously help you save some money. For everyone else, it’s interesting to see how energy companies differ around the world, especially in the UK.

Let me know what you’ve been reading in the comments! I’m considering removing the comments section and taking the conversation to a Facebook group. Let me know what you think about that…in the comments!