I started the Cyclical Ketogenic Diet on Monday.

Mostly to experiment with it and write about my results in the future.

After one week, it’s been good.  I’ve had a little bit of the “Keto Flu,” but not too bad.

More to come on that later, but you can follow some of what I’m eating on Facebook or Instagram.

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Here’s what we published this week:

Here’s what I loved from around the web:

How Travel Hacking Costs Me $1,000 Per Month (Club Thrifty) – Holly shares some insight into her travel hacking. She calls out the people who say it’s always free, and most importantly, she explains why it’s OK to spend $1,000/month on travel if you budget for it.

Expecting the Unexpected (Or At Least Not Panicking) (I Pick Up Pennies) – Abigail explains her journey of handling “surprises,” and how she has progressed over time. There’s definitely a lesson for all of us there. Her articles are always entertaining, now just go read it.

5 Things to Do When You’re Feeling Burned Out (SheBudgets) – This is actually my article on SheBudgets, but I loved the idea of it since I first thought of it. I’ve done some of these personally. Sometimes you just need to recharge.

Cheap Summer Fun (My Money Councelor) – Kurt gives some awesome ideas for summer fun.  Often, the best things really are free. Free and cheap activities usually promote spending time together, whereas more expensive activities are usually worse for quality time. Just think about hiking and cookouts vs. amusement parks and theaters.

14 Things Ridiculously Successful People Do Every Day (Entrepreneur) – I have to admit, I’m a sucker for any article about daily rituals or habits, so this one got me.  Some great points here.  Great for a quick read or a skim.

36 Pictures to See Which Muscle You’re Stretching (LifeHack) – Title says it all.  This is just really cool.

That’s all for today. Some awesome articles coming next week!

Share your thoughts, about anything and everything, below…