I started writing my next book.

I made the outline last week, and officially started writing the first chapter this week.

This will be my first published book. You can get my other books for free on this page.

For this week’s links, I actually read quite a bit, so I found more than usual.

Enjoy the reading…

  1. The Pros and (Mostly) Cons of Early Retirement [Investopedia] There are things that we accept as universal, and sometimes these things aren’t so universal. Like early retirement. Many people think everyone wants it, but in reality, it may not be what you expect.
  2. Things Around the House Worth Major Bucks [LearnVest] Mostly the things you may donate without thinking about it and stuff you wouldn’t think people would pay for. Just put yourself in their shoes. Would you buy it used, online? If so, it will probably sell.
  3. Why Your Car Payment is Destroying Your Financial Future [Frugal Rules] In the end, car payments will be a large portion of the reason people aren’t able to retire. That amount, invested, is generally enough to support your retirement.
  4. 25 Dividend Stocks You Can Buy and Hold Forever [Kiplinger] I’m a huge fan of dividend stocks. It doesn’t take much research to put together a “buy and hold forever” portfolio.
  5. 6 Minimalist Morning Routines That Will Calm the Chaos in Your Life [Huffington Post] These are awesome reminders as we tend to clutter our days and our life.

More Reading Worth Your Time

What have you been reading this week?