I’ve been reading.  A lot.

I finished two books this week, and read 12 book summaries.  And countless articles.

If you aren’t reading book summaries, you should be.

The best place I’ve found for good non-fiction book summaries is Blinkist.

You can try Blinkist for free and even if you decide to purchase a subscription, there is a 30 day money-back guarantee, so you might as well give it a shot.  I’ve read more since subscribing to Blinkist than ever before.

Now here’s the best articles I’ve found this week:

How to Take Action Everyday: 5 Powerful Habits (The Positivity Blog) – I love this blog, because I’m an extreme optimist.  This article is awesome, because it shows five habits that aren’t in every other article.  It’s not things like read, journal and meditate; it’s things like “when you’re taking action, focus only on the process.”  It’s a great read.

8 Ways Minimalism Has Changed My Perspective (Becoming Minimalist) – Some insight from Joshua, who has been practicing minimalism for a long time now.  Minimalism is about much more than just getting rid of your junk.

In Defense of the Fun Budget (Half Banked) – Yes, you can still do fun stuff and buy things you want when you’re on a budget.  In fact, being on a budget often allows you to do more.  I always felt guilty about spending money on myself before budgeting.  Budgeting frees you of all guilt.

The Simple Habits That Make You Feel Invincible (Afford Anything) – First off, Paula has an awesome podcast (featuring J. Money as well).  You should definitely go check that out.  I’m a sucker for a good article on habits, and this is one of those.  Very thorough and filled with useful, actionable information.  Go read it.  If you think it’s too long, skim it!  You will get something out of it either way.

Vacation Money is Crazy Money: Staying Financially Disciplined While Traveling (Financial Samurai) – Budget for vacation, people (sidenote:  when I first typed that, I forgot the comma and literally LOL’d at the thought of having a fund to pay for “vacation people”).  This is an awesome, detailed post, but the moral of the story is to remain conscious of your spending while on vacation.  Now go read the whole post!

Why I Haven’t Purchased Any Clothes in 2.5 Years (Frugalwoods) – I honestly think I could do this.  Do you?  Go check out the post and decide for yourself, but I love the idea of it!  The Frugalwoods blog is awesome, by the way.

Next week, we’ll be getting back to the Understanding Series, talking about bankruptcy.  If you’ve ever wanted to understand bankruptcy better, or if you are considering filing for it (or know someone who is), you’ll want to read this on Monday.

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