It’s been a long week.

I’m in training right now, which for the military, means you don’t have much of a life otherwise.

But I’m still taking breaks and finding time to do some reading.

I want to quickly mention something I found from Tim Ferriss’ newsletter: Amazon’s Leadership Principles. Even if you don’t agree with them, you can learn from them. I find them interesting.

I also want to mention an old tool I’ve been using for years; however, I’m finding that it’s not really around in Italy. If you’re in the states, make sure you’re utilizing Gas Buddy, it’s an app that always shows you where the cheapest gas is around your area.

Finally, I wrote a new book on habits. If you’re part of the MoneyMiniBlog Community on Facebook (join here), you saw the rough draft that I uploaded. It will be out soon. It will be a free book, but I’m not sure how I’m going to give it away yet. For starters, like I said, if you’re in the Facebook group, you can grab it for free.

Now finally, some reading…

What have you been reading this week?