So language barriers are interesting. It’s crazy how much you can communicate with someone, even if you speak completely different languages.

We’ve found a home here in Italy, but the landlord speaks about as much English as we speak Italian.

We plan on learning the language while we’re here; I think it’s rude to come into another country and expect everyone to speak your language. If we want to live here, it’s on us to learn the language.

However, as it stands, we know very little. It’s been interesting to sit down and discuss terms with someone who speaks a different language. But I think it’s an opportunity for growth.

We’ll be speaking fluent [conversational] Italian in about one year. That’s the goal. Maybe then I can start translating my articles into Italian… I don’t see why not. I could start an Italian finance blog like my buddy Matteo over at MyPecunia. Maybe I’m jumping the gun…

Until then, here are some of the best articles I’ve read this week. (In English!)

I have more articles than normal, because I really just do whatever I want with these weekly roundups. I have been reading a lot of different types of articles, so I’ve included articles that actually have nothing to do with the usual money/productivity theme, but I think you’ll be edified by them, either way…

What have you been reading this week?