It’s been a busy week. In a good way.

I’m now featured on the Top Personal Finance Blog list over at InvestmentZen. See the list.

But not just one finance list, I’m on another new one! J. Money, from Budgets Are Sexy, is featuring MoneyMiniBlog in his Rockstar Finance Directory. It’s one of the few directories to include things like gender, age and net worth for bloggers.

One more thing before we get to the weekly articles, my buddy George over at FirstSiteGuide has some seriously awesome reviews on web hosting companies. So be sure to go check those out if you’re considering buying hosting any time soon.

Now for the reading, but first, a quick quote on habits…

  1. What I Do Differently to Achieve Financial Independence [Even Steven Money] Dave Ramsey says you must “live like no one else, so later you can live like no one else.” Making sacrifices now means freedom later. That’s what this article is all about. How he is doing weird things that “aren’t normal” to achieve financial freedom.
  2. The Disease of More [Mark Manson] As I’ve been going through the things in my house and unpacking boxes, I’m really seeing how much stuff we tend to have. This article is spot on. Language warning.
  3. 4 Ways to Build Habits and Upgrade Them Effectively [The Mission] If you’re not familiar with Medium’s The Mission, I highly suggest subscribing to it. These are the only articles in my inbox that catch my eye and force me to open them every time. This is an awesome article on working through your positive habits.
  4. Becoming Addiction-Free [Steve Pavlina] Addictions hold us back from so much. Most things we’re addicted to might not be bad on their own, but anything we’re addicted to becomes a negative influence in our life. Steve’s perspective on addiction is eye-opening.
  5. These 5 Lists Will Help You Save Money [Clark Howard] I loved this! I already keep a couple of these lists, but the other ones are really great ideas. I’m going to start keeping a “waste list” to see how much food we waste as a family.
  6. How Electronics and Technology Affects Sleep Quality [The Sleep Judge] Blue light affects us more than we know. Using technology before bed, especially for long periods of time, doesn’t only keep you from falling asleep, it can affect your sleep quality all night long.
  7. When Things Go Missing [The New Yorker] I admit this is a long read (about 15 minutes), but it’s a great story, and a great essay of reflection on life and things that aren’t where we think they should be. A reflection of loss. Worth the read!

What have you been reading this week?