We’re approaching the end of January, and most people have given up on their resolutions.

If you’re still going strong, keep going. In fact, if you’re still sticking to your New Year’s resolution(s) now, you have a good chance of stick with it, so don’t give up now.

If your resolutions have failed you, it’s because you’re doing it wrong.

The attitude that causes people to wait until January 1 to set a resolutions is the same attitude that causes them to fail at those resolutions.

So if you haven’t had luck so far, try ditching the resolutions, and replacing them with habits. Goals are nice too, but habits are the starting point. You can read more about the comparison here.

I’ll be writing more on resolutions vs. goals vs. habits soon, but for now…

Here are a couple of the best articles I’ve read this week…

  1. 12 Powerful Exercises to Help You Find Your Purpose in Life [Money Boss] This is a long, but awesome read. If you’re feeling stuck or just need some extra motivation, try some of these exercises. This is an overall awesome blog as well, so check out his other content while you’re there.
  2. U.S. Stocks are Now the Most Overpriced Since the 2000 Crash [Sovereign Man] I’m not telling you to sell al of your stocks or to buy any specific stocks because of this, I just think these types of trends are interesting. Don’t use this piece of news to make investment decisions, but it is interesting.

What have you been reading this week?