I didn’t post my regular Weekend Reading article last week, because we were driving across the country seeing family and friends, in preparation for our move to Italy.

We’ve made it! We arrived in Italy earlier this week and we’ll be here for a few years.

I’m already working on some articles on how to protect yourself financially while traveling abroad and how to stay productive while on the road for almost a month.

Since I missed this last week, I’ll recap the last two weeks.

What You May Have Missed…

Here are some of the best articles I’ve read this week…

  1. 6 Types of Financial Scams to Avoid [Money Crashers] This article goes into some history and depth on six common scams, such as the pyramid scam and Ponzi Scheme. Mostly very useful information here, especially if you aren’t familiar with how these types of scams work.
  2. Productivity Apps Are No Match for a Simple Timer [The Simple Dollar] This isn’t a new thought, by any means, but it’s a great reminder that getting down to it and doing the work with simple tools can often be much more effective than trying to find the latest and greatest tool or app.
  3. Staying Fit With No Gym in Sight [Mr. Money Mustache] Awesome read on working out for practically no money. Plus, he goes into the basics of fitness and some common myths. If you want to get in shape or lose weight, you need to build muscle. It’s that simple.
  4. It’s Okay to Drive a Minivan [Living Rich Cheaply] I’ve been saying this for years. Yes, we have a minivan, but even before we had one, I liked them. Unless you’re off-roading or towing something seriously heavy, an SUV makes no sense. If you’re caught up in what it “looks like,” you’re stuck in the mindset that’s keeping so many people broke.

What have you been reading this week?