Happy Friday the 13th for all you horror fans out there!

It’s been a great week with the launch of MoneyMiniBlog 3.0 and my sabbatical concluding.

I’ve decided to start posting weekly roundups of the best money and productivity stuff I can find.

In the past, I haven’t been consistent with posting roundups on any type of a schedule, but that’s changing.

I’ll be posting a money and productivity roundup every Friday.  So watch out for the best stuff around the web!

This Week in Money

I published the sabbatical break and blog update on Monday: The Sabbatical is Over: Welcome to MoneyMiniBlog 3.0!  Be sure to check that article out.  There is a lot of useful information on using this website, and on what’s coming in the future!  We also had an awesome guest blog: 5 Things to Do When You Get a Raise.

Here are some great reads on money around the web:

This Week in Productivity

I published a long-overdue article on tiny habits: How to Change Every Part of Your Life With Tiny Habits.

Here are some great reads on productivity around the web:

The Future and Updates

Next week, I’ll be publishing the next article in the Understanding Series – it will be on mortgages, and it is very detailed!  It took me over 10 hours to research and write, so you don’t want to miss it on Monday morning.

Let me know if you like these weekly roundups.  And please send me any suggestions, compliments, questions, complaints or confusions about the new design and the direction of MoneyMiniBlog.  I’m here for you!