This is my first finance link roundup.

What is a finance link roundup, you say?

It’s simply a collection of the best in finances around the web.

Articles, stories, news, etc.

Here’s what I have for you this month…

The Best in Finances

Obama’s MyRA Retirement Plan: Should You Use it?
@ ChristianPf
An explanation of the new MyRA and whether you need one or not.
(Spoiler: The answer is: probably not.)

Should Married Couples Combine Finances?
@ Club Thrifty
This is a summary article of a couple essays on alternate perspectives to this question. Read the summary and the Wall Street Journal article. It’s all in this article.

Want to be Financially Successful? Read More than Personal Finance Books
@ Saving Advice
This article goes through other categories of books and how they apply to your finances.

Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness, Neither Does Poverty
@ The Minimalists
A brief essay on our preconceived ideas about money.

Julian’s Success Story: How Going $42,000 in Debt was the Greatest Decision I’ve Ever Made
@ Man Vs. Debt
Interesting story on being in $42,000 of debt, rather than $300,000.

I’m Not Normal, I’m in the Military
@ Budgets Are Sexy
This is actually my guest post. It’s basically my story over the last several years up until the creation of MoneyMiniBlog.

Professional Investment Advice (and Why You Should Ignore It)
@ Get Rich Slowly
An insight into the investment industry and why you don’t need “professionals”.

9 Stress-Reducing Truths About Money
@ Becoming Minimalist
An interesting perspective on money. It’s probably different from what you are used to hearing.

Rockstar Finance
An entire website of great finance articles from different finance blogs and websites. Go check it out!

Productivity and Personal Development

10 Ways to Stop Stressing and Start Being Productive
@ Time Management Ninja

10 Ways to Solidify a Morning Wakeup Ritual
@ A Year of Productivity

10 Ways to Live an Extraordinary Life
@ Be More With Less

8 Simple Reminders for a Happy, Fulfilling Life
@ Pick the Brain

Do What Matters, Then Do Nothing: The Power of Focused Intensity
@ Jeff Sanders

Apparently, we have learned that the magic number is 10 and most articles on productivity start with a number.

I hope you enjoyed this list!