Mobile platforms were the missing ingredient from the trading scenery. Their implementation made it easier for investors to incorporate trading in their lifestyles and be more attentive to the market trends. Find out what benefits you can have by trading on a mobile MT4 platform and how & where you can access it.

The Impact of Mobile Trading

The trading landscape is constantly changing and adapting to the latest necessities of investors. Up until recently, trading any financial instrument required sitting in front of a computer or laptop for hours. Although many markets became more flexible than they were before – between work, family and social life – spending so much time in front of a screen was more of an inconvenience for some investors rather than an enjoyable activity. Moreover, many major financial markets don’t wait – the price movement is always there which makes it almost impossible not to miss out on trading opportunities when you have a busy schedule.

Three years ago, trading from the comfort of your home on a desktop platform like the popular MetaTrader4 was enough. However, the trading industry, much like any other major business segment – is functioning under the constant pressure of change. The advancements in technology are the main factors that influenced the needs of investors and made them desire a change that was apparently more than necessary. As a result, more and more online brokers started to adapt and now they provide the mobile trading platform service, with different features and benefits.

The Many Benefits of Trading On the Go

No features, apps or services can guarantee a 100% success rate, but some can certainly improve the overall trading process and lead to better results. Trading on the go can not only improve your trading experiences but your quality of life as an investor, too.

To begin with, some online brokerage firms allow you to access even the MetaTrader4 trading platform on your mobile. In other words, you can trade on the user-friendly interface of the MT4 on your portable device, wherever you are and whenever you want. This terminal is renowned for the customizable & advanced charts, the big number of available indicators (more than 30); as well as the analytical functions, multiple timeframes, modern tools, and the possibility to trade the largest financial markets. The MT4 mobile platform is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems and can be used simply by being downloaded from the broker’s website. Make sure you opt for a smartphone/tablet with a screen size that makes it comfortable for you to place orders and monitor the charts. Battery life is another factor you should consider. Nobody wants their phone to switch off right in the middle of a trade, right?

The MT4 platform itself comes with a plethora of advantages and allows you to approach strategies of any complexity. Being able to use it on the go is arguably the greatest advantage there can be, which believe it or not, can increase your chances of succeeding. Trading from a smartphone allows you to trade around a busy schedule. In this way, you will be more present, more attentive to the price movement and seize the opportunities when they arrive. A simple internet connection, a mobile device, and a trading app can bring you the profits you’ve been dreaming of and can also help you build a diverse and solid portfolio.

Smartphones can change the way you trade and the way you live. You can trade while traveling, while being at work or at any moment of the day/night. You don’t have to come home from work exhausted and freeze in front of the computer to check your stock or implement a carry trade. No more of that! The trading industry has reached a new level and you should, too. There’s really no need for an expensive and fancy smartphone or tablet. As long as it has a suitable operating system (Android, iOS) – you’re good to go!

The Bottom Line

Technology is a big part of our lives and it can shape many activities in which we engage on a daily basis. The trading industry has evolved and adapted to the present times continuously – bringing effective and modern solutions to investors around the world. Mobile trading, the latest innovation in terms of trading is slowly becoming a necessity for more and more investors.