At a time where Brexit uncertainty has led to an exodus of large multinational corporations from the City of London, one company is planning to drop anchor and invest where it counts most – London’s inner-city areas and surrounds.

The City of London has been beset with growing concerns now that the prospect of a hard Brexit is a reality. The UK general election increased the uncertainty in the economy, and sent investors scampering for safety. Banks and financial institutions, including HSBC, Barclays, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and others are now looking towards cities in Europe to set up shop. Moves are afoot to relocate human resources, offices and enterprises to cities throughout Europe, including Paris, Lisbon, Prague, Berlin, and Rome.

One financial services enterprise is not taking the bait. Trade-24 – an investment enterprise from Montenegro is planning on investing a tidy sum of £25 million in Britain’s poorest people – students from the Borough of Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Newham, Islington, Barking and Dagenham, Enfield, and parts of Greenwich. The indigent communities in these areas often live below the poverty line, and they are associated with low literacy levels, high unemployment, and high crime.

Trade-24 is reportedly mulling a massive investment in the ‘Poorest of the Poor’ in Britain to try and stem the rot. The multimillion-pound investment will be made over 10 years, starting with a £5 million investment in jobs training centers in these areas. Guidance counselors, life coaches, and mentors (Big Brother & Big Sister) will be hired to assist low income students with important life decisions.

Programs on Offer

Trade-24 has appealed to teachers, principals, community leaders, and counselors in all districts to lend assistance in this nationwide drive. The initial investment will pave the way for fully staffed training centers. Students will be able to come in, conduct aptitude and skills testing.

These preliminary assessments will allow for better placement options of these students. The initiative is supported by various UK government institutions such as the Army, Navy and Air Force who will also be looking at potential recruits from these areas. Several starter programs are in the works, including life skills training, money management, preparatory courses for University, A levels and O levels, and vocational training.

The remaining £20 million will likely be disbursed to these jobs training centers over the next 9 years, with the funds slated to be placed in escrow with a charitable trust.

Successful candidates will receive a stipend to continue with their high school education, and assistance towards their college education. These bursaries will be offered to candidates after a thorough vetting process has been completed. Trade-24 has dubbed its campaign, ‘Believe in Britain: Education Matters’, and it is currently in negotiations with local radio stations, TV stations and various community organizations to get the word out.

This initiative is one of many ambitious undertakings that is currently expected to take root in Britain. With the GBP sliding against other currencies, and confidence in Britain at an all-time low, there is some hope on the horizon.

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