Investing money is effectively in everyone’s best interest.

Done properly, you could stand to gain additional income, whether for your retirement, savings accounts or even for starting a business. It can also benefit the economy at large, opening up new business opportunities and employment positions. The possibilities are endless.

In the end, the act of investing isn’t limited by the funds you currently have, and any amount you invest can provide you with some degree of opportunity. Consequently, here are some smart ways to invest your money in 2018.

1. Real Estate

There is always a demand that needs to be met in real estate. Whether they’re straight out of university or searching for a family home to settle down in, people are always looking for the perfect property for them. If you make these dreams come true, your bank account inevitably stands to get bigger. The supply and demand here is endless.

If you’re new to investing, try to aim for leasing out a residential building first, rather than a commercial property. Tenants will come and go but they’ll do so quickly, meaning you have more consistent income from your investment. Renting out a commercial building can come with dryer spells of the building being empty, as corporations need to consider more facilities and move staff.

2. The Stock Market

Investing in the stock market can seem like a generic, and intimidating, piece of advice. Owning a share of a company is a terrifying prospect and might just be a little too risky for some people. Of course, with risk comes reward, and chancing your luck and going with your instincts can pay off big time.

A big reason investing in the stock market is smart is that it all takes place online. From the comfort of your own home, you can track trends, invest in booming businesses and watch your bank balance expand. What’s more, you can break down the scary prospect of ‘partially owning a company’, as chances are the stock you’ll buy will be a miniscule percentage of that business. This means the money comes in, but you’re not actually responsible for any of the company’s activities or operations.

3. Overseas Investment

A broader point, but no less effective, overseas investments can provide a whole other bundle of additional opportunities. Remember, different countries have different needs and parameters, whether they’re more lenient laws, different taxation rates or lighter economic circumstances. Put simply, you’ll see better returns for your investment in some countries than others.

Moreover, companies such as Oanda can help to ease this transition, featuring an accurate currency converter and a free forex trade app. These kinds of analytical tools can help you pinpoint the best investment decisions possible, and provide some certainty in a chaotic, but worthwhile process. In the end, there are millions of investment opportunities out there, and it’s worth exploring as many of them as you can.