We all want to make money quickly and we have all heard of get rich quick schemes.

You may speak to a friend who advises you to invest in some company or scheme and invest on that basis. It can be hard to not listen to these bits of advice as if the price of the investment goes up and you haven’t invested, you end up regretting it.

However, as this infographic from Easy Life Cover explains, some investments are just straight up scams.

Any investment you make can fail, but generally you at least have a fighting chance. That’s not the case with Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes. They have fooled many people over the years – from all walks of life.

The Bernie Madoff scandal is a prime example of that with people needing a minimum of $20 million to invest. It just goes to show that anyone can fall for a good enough story.

Find out more about pyramid schemes and Ponzi schemes in the infographic…

Infographic: Easy Life Cover