There is a word.

A word that you have heard me use many times.

A word that has changed spending, saving and investing.

What is the word, you say?

Don’t pretend like you don’t know. The word is automation.

Automation, A Substitution for Willpower

It used to be that investing required discipline. Especially long-term investing.

That’s not the case anymore.

You can retire wealthy even if you have very little discipline.

Sure, there is some discipline involved, just like there is some discipline involved in going to work everyday, but not much. Not much at all.

It only takes a few minutes to setup an automatic investing system that you can retire on.

Automation has eliminated all excuses of time restraint.

Automatic Investing

What kind of investing can be automated?

All kinds. Practically your entire retirement.

You can easily set up an auto-investing plan with:

…to name a few.

You can also set all of your finances to auto with an automatic budget.

Let’s Do This

Get it going today.

All of the large banks and most small banks offer online banking.

If you have online banking, you can set up automatic investing.

Automatic investing with online banking

It’s as simple as setting up a monthly transfer to your investment account of choice.

For work retirement plans, you can schedule a certain amount to be drafted from your paycheck before you ever see the money.

Final Words

Invest regularly. There is no excuse not to.

Figure out what you can afford and get started.

It may only be $20/month today, but get started with something.

You would be surprised at what a small monthly contribution can add up to down the road.

You can keep increasing the amount when you pay off debt and have more disposable income.

Photo Credit: Francis Mariani, Thomas Hawk, vistavision