Asset tokenization has become the new trend of 2020. People are now associating with themselves with the cryptocurrencies. With the increase in the regulation of cryptocurrency in the market, people are now showing their trust in the crypto tokens.

Today, more and more people are engaging with the new technological trend: blockchain. The reason behind doing so is the fact that cryptocurrencies have become a new safe keep for all the digital assets. Cryptocurrencies allow users with public and private keys that help the users to keep their Crypto assets safe from fraudulent activities.

We all know that the Cryptocurrencies have already disrupted most of the industries. However, there was one industry that was still away from the influence of the cryptocurrencies. But with time and advancement of the social media platform as a marketing tool has made the cryptocurrencies seep into their transaction system.

Today, most of the social media platforms are accepting Cryptocurrency as advertisement payments. Besides, you will find that social media influencers are also receiving Crypto token from their sponsors.

How is Social Media Regulating Cryptocurrencies?

It has been just over a decade, but cryptocurrency has already infiltrated most of the market. Social media has been the same. After social media advancement in technology, social media marketing has become the new trend of 2020. Marketing means there is always a transaction that will take place. This is where cryptocurrency comes into the frame.

Cryptocurrency has found its opportunity to seep into the social media marketing from the financial transaction of social media advertisements.

The popularity of the cryptocurrency skyrocketed after 2017.

This project helps the marketer to tokenize Instagram accounts and help the marketers boost the future profit of the Instagram advertisements.

The Instagram account that used this tool was Turismospain. It was first launched in 2018 and has created thousands of tokens since then for the crypto exchanges.

The idea of using token on the social media for marketing was so useful that Facebook (with the combined effort of the other largescale industry) launched its cryptocurrency, Libra, to encourage marketing and crypto exchange on the Facebook.

What’s Behind the Social Media Token’s Success?

Before the Media Token launch, there was no rigid infrastructure on the social media platform for a transparent and secure social transaction. After the start of the media token, bloggers, advertisers, and social media, influencers found new ways to distribute financial evaluations on Instagram accounts appropriately. You can do free registration and understand easily how Bitcoin evolution are using this method to spread their empire.

The social media token concept was formulated after seeing an irrational number and earning on the Instagram platform. For instance, there are several accounts where some of them have millions of subs and can easily earn $500,000 per post, on the other hand, some have only a thousand of subs who hardly get any payments. The problem is not here. The real question is that the accounts having fewer subs have quality content, whereas the reports having millions of subs have just the numbers. To stop this number partiality, Social media token was introduced in the market.

How Does Media Token Work?

Media Token works on the similar to that of blockchain. The accounts are added to the blockchain. This process is called tokenization. Once the report is added to the blockchain, technologies would process it to see to what extent this account will collect funds from the investors. After going through several speculative calculations, Media Token is issued to the reports which can be given to the investors.

Final Words

Media Tokens have sure changed the world of social media marketing. It has given every blogger and influencer equal rights on the social media market, irrespective of their sub numbers. With the media token, every Instagram account is evaluated according to its reach and are given media token accordingly. Which can be used by investors from all over the world. It is a pretty simple procedure that maintains equals rights of the blogger, social media influencers, and advertisers.