If you haven’t noticed, I’ve had some more UK-directed articles to balance the mix among all of you guys.  This is an awesome article by Mike (read more about him after the post).  For all of us Americans, just replace the word holiday with vacation and everything will become clear, but you probably already knew that.  Either way, this information applies just as well to Americans as it does to Europeans!

If you have never considered buying a holiday home before, now could be the perfect time. Spain has some incredible destinations including the famous Marbella on the Costa del Sol where you can purchase luxury villas at excellent prices. These can serve as incredible holiday homes for you to visit any time of year.

But the reason a Spanish property can be such a smart investment is that there are so many options with what to do with your villa moving forward. Here is why you should choose a holiday home in Spain as the place to put your money.

It’s a great place to holiday!

First things first; Spain is an amazing place to go on holiday and it regularly attracts return visitors from the UK and around the world. The Costa del Sol is undoubtedly one of the most incredible coastlines in the world with its glorious golden beaches and fantastic year-round weather.

So having a holiday home here is a great choice firstly because it means you can easily visit Spain whenever you please. It’s also worth noting that the popularity of the region and its easy access from the UK means that it is easy to hire out your villa during the time that you aren’t using it.

Yes, buying a holiday home on the Costa del Sol is a great lifestyle choice but there more reasons that you should consider this kind of investment.

Good move financially

Now is a great time be investing in a villa in Spain from a simple financial perspective. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, property prices in Spain are still relatively low compared to where they were before the financial crisis. It’s estimated that villas and other property dropped in price by around 40 per cent during the recession. It’s only now that we are beginning to see growth.

It’s worth remembering that throughout the downturn, Marbella and the Costa del Sol have remained sought-after destinations and they are only growing in popularity today. As property prices rise, your villa be appreciate as normalcy returns to Spain.

The second point is that the pound is currently in a strong place versus the Euro. This means that you can currently get more for your money when buying in the EU than you can in the UK. Don’t forget that UK house prises are at a record high too and continue to grow – so if you are looking to put your money into property, Spain is definitely a better option.

Broader options

Buying a property on the Spanish coast gives you a range of options when it comes to moving forward. If you are simply using it as a holiday home you can rent it out as a villa either through your own advertising or working with a property website like Airbnb.

Of course, once you own a villa in Spain, you also have the option to relocate there if the right situation came up. Starting a new life on the Spanish coast can be fantastic if you are in a position to do so. Even if now isn’t the right time, it can be very valuable to have that option available to you. And as property prices begin to rise you will also be able to sell at a profit.

A plan for retirement

It’s a dream for many people to retire to Spain to enjoy the warm climate and excellent quality of life. In an ideal world your holiday home can double up as an eventual retirement property, so when you make the decision to buy, it’s a great move to think in the long-term and whether this would be a great place to spend your retirement.

This means you should look into some of the prestige gated communities including La Zagaleta just outside of Marbella. Villas here are not only sought after but they retain incredibly high levels of prestige and exclusivity, offering peace and serenity.

Even if you’re not currently thinking about life when you are finished working, it can still be sensible to have this option available, especially if it sounds like the kind of thing that would appeal to you later in life.

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer working together with Marbella’s largest and longest running real estate agent Panorama.es, who have a range of stunning La Zagaleta properties for sale.