The world of cryptocurrencies has gained huge popularity by introducing many cryptocurrencies. Out of all, bitcoin remains at the top. After its invention, people weren’t happy and didn’t appreciate the creator, but bitcoin became the first modern cryptocurrency over time.

An individual or a group of individuals named Satoshi Nakamoto released a white paper describing bitcoin’s new cryptocurrency. The main factor that seemed scary to people was the volatile market of bitcoin. You can learn about Crypto Genius Login by gaining knowledge about it in less than 10 minutes.

Undoubtedly, Bitcoin has received attention in the investment and financial world, and investors learn about bitcoin but still don’t know how to buy it. There are a plethora of questions in the minds of investors about buying bitcoins.

In this article, we will try to cover the topics that will solve your queries. The procedure of buying bitcoin isn’t complicated, and it is as simple as downloading an app and signing up on it. Let us move forward and know the steps to buy bitcoin.

Digital Wallet

To carry out the transactions in the bitcoin network, users require having a wallet. Bitcoin wallet doesn’t technically store the bitcoins because they don’t have any physical appearance. The wallet balances are maintained by using the two main keys: a public key and a private key. These keys are the long strings of letters and numbers linked via a mathematical encryption algorithm used to generate them.

In simpler words, the public key is a location where the bitcoin transactions are deposited and withdrawn. The public key appears as the digital signature of the user in blockchain technology. The private key is more like a password or code used for trading, buying, and selling the bitcoins. It is crucial to secure the private key to prevent unauthorized access to your wallet or bitcoins. This can be done by choosing the right wallet and using security methods. 

Verify Identification

The bitcoin exchanges like Exchange Commission and U. S. Securities necessitate users to verify their identity by registering their digital wallets. This is done to make users agree to the policy of Anti-Money Laundering. While buying and selling bitcoin, the user must first verify his/her identity using personal documents, including Social Security Number and driving license.

Secured Internet Connection

If you are entering into the bitcoin world to trade bitcoin online for regular use, you need to use discretion on from where and when you can access the digital wallet. It is not recommended to trade bitcoin on a public wifi network or insecure network. This is done to prevent your wallet from attacks and hacks.

A Debit Card or Credit Card and Bank Account

After signing up on a bitcoin wallet, the wallet users can use different traditional payment methods to buy the bitcoins. The bitcoins can be purchased on a bitcoin exchange. Once you buy bitcoins, the exchange tends to transfer bitcoins to your wallet. You can choose any bitcoin interface and know how to buy and sell bitcoin. This can be done by clicking the buy button when you want to buy other currencies and the sell button when you want to sell currencies.

The user can select the currency they need to buy or sell and choose the payment method. It is important to know the pros and cons of paying with debit or credit card, bank account transfer, and cash. Also, know about the transaction fee that these payment methods charge.

Bitcoin Exchange

After setting up your wallet and the payment method, you need to buy bitcoins for the place. The users tend to buy the cryptocurrencies from exchanges. The exchanges are the platforms, or we can say online marketplaces from where traders or investors buy bitcoins and other currencies. The exchanges connect users to the bitcoin marketplace and allow users to exchange their currencies for bitcoin.

Some users get confused between bitcoin wallet and bitcoin exchange and consider them similar. Bitcoin wallets are used to store the bitcoins, where exchanges are the platforms where traditional currencies are exchanged to buy bitcoins. Both wallets and exchanges are used for different purposes and have different aspects.