This is a list of 18 one-sentence tips that will drastically improve your finances. These are quick tips, but they will surely make a huge improvement if you take them to heart.

Remember, just because you have heard some of these before, doesn’t mean you actually absorbed it. Read the list slowly and see if you can implement some of these, especially things that you may have “already heard”.

Hearing alone doesn’t help. It’s about acting and implementation.

Without further ado and in no particular order, here are a total of 18 One-Sentence Tips for your finances…

Save/Make Money

1. Sell the useless things around the house that you don’t need.

2. Cutting off your cable will not only save you money, but you will have more time to be productive in other areas.

3. Always compare online prices when shopping around.

4. Buy things based on what you and your family need, not based on what other people think.

5. Add up the costs of your jobs (travel, food, expenses and daycare), then determine if it’s worth it for both parents to work.

6. Spend less than you make.

7. Compare rates for insurance companies frequently, since they are always changing, and switch if you find a better deal.

Save money when shopping
8. Fine tune your budget so that you know where every cent is going and have more control over your money.

9. Make debt-free car payments.

10. Use to link your budget and all of your accounts together.

11. Look for promo/coupon codes when you buy online by searching: “[site name] promo code”.


12. Open an IRA and setup an automatic payment plan to pay in monthly, even if it’s a small amount!

13. Never buy a stock purely based on a tip that somebody gave you.


14. Find a way to give money every month, whether to a church, charity or other cause.

Personal Growth

15. Cut out a useless activity, like watching television, and replace it with reading a good book on finances.

Read books instead of television

Credit Cards

16. Cut up your credit cards if you have made late payments or failed to pay them off in full every month.

17. Be smart about credit card safety if you use credit cards.

18. Have an emergency fund for emergencies, not a credit card.

Add at least one of these tips to your life today!

Save money on credit cards
Try to implement as many as possible over the next few weeks.

You will notice a change in your finances if you do.