You probably know what your car title is, but what is it really for?

It’s an important document, particularly when you are either selling or buying a car.

This title serves as evidence that you are the real owner of the vehicle and have the legal authority to sell it.

Whenever a vehicle is sold or bought, the past owner will transfer the titles to the new owner.

This is similar to a name change due to divorce or marriage.

Note that the transfer of a car title is a simple process and procedure but since this is an essential legal document, you must undertake certain steps to ensure that you did the right thing and possess the legal rights.

How to Get Your Car Title

You might be in this situation whereby you don’t have your vehicle’s title in your possession but the good news is that there are numerous ways to locate it. At present, both electronic and paper titles are the legitimate forms of the documents, so this shouldn’t bother you if you have only one in your possession.

Pay Off Your Loan to Get Your Vehicle Title

For the majority of the time, lenders do prevent the vehicle’s owner from gaining access to the file until they pay off their loan. In some regions, owners may only gain access to the lien release. Once you have been able to receive the title, ensure that it is kept in a secure place. It is however not recommended to keep the title in your vehicle.

Buying a Car With a Lien

Whether you took a loan to pay the seller or you still have a lien on the vehicle before the original purchase – the title must always come with the lienholder. You can carry out this task yourself, or you can leave it to the DMV to help you out. This leads us to the question; do you need insurance to transfer a title? The fact is that you need to alert your insurance company if you purchase a vehicle, especially if it comes with a lien, as it can affect your insurance rates. For the sellers, they must provide the appropriate financial information required to complete the transfer.

Request a Duplicate Title From the DMV

Another option is to apply for the duplicate title from the Department of Motor Vehicles located in your area. The application forms can be gotten online, or you can go to the DMV office to pick one up. These documents can be submitted via mail, online, or physically. Ensure that you make provision for the necessary documentation and fees to take delivery of your title.

Making the Actual Title Transfer

The transfer of a car title to another individual is a relatively standard procedure across the country but the law varies by region, so be sure to authenticate the procedure with your local DMV. The first step is to request that the seller present the current title to you with the authorized signature. Ensure that you submit this with an odometer disclosure agreement and a completed title application. Note that you may be required to part with a fee.

Key Information to Verify During a Title Transfer

Another exciting thing about the title is that it offers valuable information when you are purchasing a car. When you are making moves to transfer a car title, ensure that you properly verify the following information before you click on the transfer money button. This information will enable you to know whether you want to make the purchase or not.

  • Peruse through the vehicle identification number (VIN) to make sure that you receive the genuine car. Compare the VIN on the document to the VIN shown on the vehicle. To check the VIN in modern vehicles, you can find it in one of the two places; the driver’s side dashboard or the frame.
  • Authenticate whether a lien appears on the vehicle. In simple terms, this is to ensure that the current owner does not owe any financial institution. To do this, simply input its VIN into the official website of your local DMV. You can also visit or call the DMV and provide this information to enable them to verify the lien status.
  • In the same vein, after you have authenticated the owner of the vehicle, you should verify that there are no other individuals laying claim to the title. If there are, you will have to seek their permission to properly transfer the title to you.

Find a Missing Title

If you cannot find your paper title or your lien was released online and this hindered you from having a release paper for submission, it is recommended to go to the DMV to obtain a duplicate.

Final Words

This post will enable you to make an informed decision when it comes to vehicle title. Ensure that you peruse it thoroughly. We have provided all the answers you need to know about vehicle title and we hope that you take actions.