I found a really interesting infographic about entrepreneurship, but it seemed sexist, so I posted an infographic about the single man’s finances.  Because that makes sense.

In all seriousness, I don’t find this one to be sexist.  It’s an interesting comparison between men and women’s spending habits.

Over half the adults in the United States are married, but what about the other half?

This is a look into the finances of the single man.  It’s also a look into the finances of the single woman.  As much as people think women are known to be shoppers (you discriminators, you!), it turns out that men actually spend more than women on almost everything.

You’ll see what I mean below…

A Few Statistics

Before you see the graphic, check out some interesting statistics on the spending habits of men vs women.

First off, men do spend less than women in the grocery store, most of the time.  That’s probably just because women have more of a plan, whereas men just want to hurry up and finish their shopping.

men women spending

What’s interesting is that in this infographic, you’ll see how men tend to spend more overall.  Sure, maybe not in the grocery store, but when you account for all their spending, it’s usually more.

single mans finances infographic

Infographic: Mint