Summer is already upon us and many will be wondering how they can make the most of their time, particularly without spending too much money. There are many things you can do that can be done either for little or no money.

They are also completely legal – some people see summer as a time for recreational activities and can take it too far. Getting caught in possession of a controlled substance just isn’t worth it, so here we’ve compiled a list for you to make the most of your summer without getting in trouble with the law. These will, of course, depend on the area you live, but could also be achieved with a bit of traveling.

1. Hit the Water

Whether you walk, drive, get the train, or look for cheap flights, going to the beach is a great activity for summer days. You could take some food, a ball, or any other games, and make a full day of it. Whether you want to play games, get a tan, or frolic in the water, there are many locations you can go to. If you don’t live near a beach, you could also look for another option near you. Some lakes are open for public use, and can be a brilliant alternative to the coast, particularly if you live further inland.

2. Picnic

Packing up some food and finding a nice rural location can be a brilliant way to spend your time. This can be transformed to suit the needs of whoever you go with. Take a book for some quiet time for yourself. If you’re going with kids, you might want to take a ball or even a kite. For a romantic picnic with your partner, you may also want to take some of your favorite foods, or simply go and watch the sunset over dinner.

3. Volunteer

You might have thought about all the things you’d enjoy doing, but you may not have considered giving someone else some enjoyment. While you have a roof over your head and food in your stomach, others are not so lucky. Doing some voluntary work is free for all parties and can also look great on your resume. You will also be doing a lot of good for other people, animals, or the environment. You will enjoy it even more if you can get some of your friends to join you. Make some great memories and learn to genuinely appreciate what you have.

4. Pick Up a New Skill

While education can get pricey, it is possible to find free courses that you can undertake either in person or online. If you are looking to change careers, or simply want to build upon your existing knowledge base, this can be a great way to go about it. Most people use the summer as a time of relaxation, so you could really get ahead of the game by dedicating even a minuscule amount of time to learning.

Whatever you choose to do this summer, make sure you are being safe and abiding by the laws of where you live. There are so many opportunities out there that don’t cost the earth, if you have the patience to look for them.