Research, technology, and new discoveries have revolutionized addiction treatment over the years. New trends have emerged with regard to how treatment is done. Some traditional addiction treatment methods have slowly been cut off and have been replaced with new trends that have recorded excellent results.

Here’s an overview of some of the latest trends in addiction treatment for 2020:

1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT has become one of the latest trends that have been embraced in treating mental health problems. It has proven itself effective based on the outcomes patients have had after treatment.

Compared to the traditional psychotherapy method, CBT focuses more on solutions rather than the problem. It ideally drives the patient to eliminate the distorted patterns and perceptions in their thought process, thereby changing the destructive patterns in their behavior.

CBT helps addicted individuals pinpoint and cast out insecurities and false beliefs that sponsor illogical negative thinking. It helps a great deal in improving the patient’s communication skills, regulating their mood, and suppressing the triggers that drive him or her to abuse substances.

In a nutshell, CBT as a new trend in addiction treatment helps break destructive cycles in the thoughts and behaviors of an addict.

2. Substitute Therapy Techniques

The traditional 12-step model of addiction treatment has for the longest time helped countless people deal with and overcome substance abuse disorders and regain control of their lives. This treatment method, however, doesn’t work well with everyone.

Addiction centers have come up with other techniques such as biofeedback, equine therapy, mindfulness, and yoga that have proven to be effective. These holistic therapy techniques provide a widespread approach that helps heal a patient’s mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual state of being.

Emerging trends of addiction treatment that are a substitute for the traditional techniques make use of psychedelics such as psilocybin, ibogaine, and ayahuasca. These substances have gained popularity in the current time.

They have displayed positive effects in addicted patients such as reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms and reprogramming neural functions back to their normal state. They’ve also brought psychological healing in patients by allowing patients to reflect on the behaviors that led them into addiction in the first place.

3. Pursuing Treatment Abroad

Traditionally, treatment for addiction is done locally within treatment centers near the patient. The latest treatment trends, however, have been that patients seek solutions by traveling abroad. This approach removes them from the environment that they are used to which could easily trigger the habits that got them addicted in the first place.

4. Family Treatment

Ideally, traditional forms of addiction treatment mostly deal with the individual having a substance abuse disorder. As such, treatment is done on a personal level. The latest trends in treatment, however, take a wider approach to treat the immediate family as well.

In some families, multiple people may be suffering from addiction. Treating one at a time may not prove effective more so for couples considering how close they are and the level of influence they have on each other.

This then calls for couples to embrace this latest addiction treatment trend of seeking treatment together. Couples doing rehab together has proven to be very effective for those who have already done it.

If you and your spouse are struggling with addiction, you can consider checking into an inpatient drug rehab for couples and get help.