So we just got back from vacation and we completely failed…in a good way!

We budgeted $1,000 for this week-long trip and only managed to spend around $600. And I was really trying to spend the money!

It turns out, we’re really bad at spending money. Frugality is a good thing, but I was slightly surprised at how much we consistently negotiated, sought out coupons/discounts and found ways around spending money. Not on purpose…it just came natural.

We had an awesome trip and didn’t sacrifice a thing, but the trip got me thinking…

How do we compare to the average family? How does our spending compare to average Americans? You may be wondering the same thing about your spending and your finances.

That’s great, because I found this awesome infographic! Statistics are awesome, because you can figure out whether you’re in the majority or the minority. There are times to be in each one, but with finances, it really seems like the minority of people have it figured out, so if you’re in the minority with your money, you’re doing something right.

Check out these mind-blowing stats…

financial statistics infographic

Infographic: Great Plains Lending