Today the phenomenon of anti-Semitism is more than relevant in the territory of the European Union. Furthermore, it is growing and getting stronger. If we compare the Holocaust times and the present situation, it becomes terrifying that anti-Semitism has increased almost to the same level.

The president of the Israeli-Jewish Congress in the United Kingdom, Vladimir Sloutsker, points out that the number of attacks in the country is rapidly growing. More than 760 cases have been registered over the first half of the year, which is a 30% increase from 2016.

The modern ways of combating anti-Semitism are mainly focused on reducing the number of attacks. But according to Mr. Sloutsker, it is rather unsuccessful. The politician emphasizes five major ways that, in his opinion, will help to resolve the current situation and to get rid of the destructive processes:

  1. Adopt a universal definition of the anti-Semitism concept.  It must be same and transparent in all countries. The Israeli-Jewish Congress has already developed a formulation. It remains only to be supported by the EU. If we neglect this step, everything will be ineffective, because how can you deal with a phenomenon that everyone understands differently. According to the proposed definition, the delegitimization of Israel and attacks on Zionism are also included in anti-Semitism concept.
  2. Proper education for youth. It will make a substantial input to the elimination of t hatred and discrimination. But we must focus not only on the Holocaust, but also on the valuable contributions Jewish people to history, culture, and the development of the world. We need to highlight the danger of anti-Semitic attacks and educate on tolerance an acceptance.
  3. Since such hate manifestations affect not only Jews but other ethnic and religious minorities, it is vital that they closely cooperate and learn new opposition methods together. Anti-Semitism is everyone’s problem, that’s why it is important that the whole society, and not just the affected groups, unites in the fight against it.
  4. The legal sector needs to involve. There must be an active punishment for committed crimes. That will demonstrate the rule of law and will reduce the desire to commit any act of violence or hate.
  5. Social media is a popular way of spreading information in the modern world/ that is why it is necessary to share personal stories of Jewish people, that are aimed at neutralizing intolerance. 

Besides, Vladimir Sloutsker believes that the fight against hatred must be comprehensive, smart and active. We need to use all creative and technical innovations to eradicate it. The EU should be proactive in its position on anti-Semitism and provide all possible resources for a productive struggle. We cannot afford to stand aside.