I just published an awesome guest post, which was an inspiring story about working full-time while paying for college.

I think it’s appropriate that I follow it up with an awesome infographic about the debt of college.

If you are considering college, you will most likely incur some degree (no pun intended) of debt.

This is the question we face: Is the degree worth the debt?

It’s a black and white answer. The answer is yes.

Well…sometimes it’s yes…other times it may be no.

Did I say black and white? What I meant was…

It really depends on the situation. So, I guess it’s not so black and white after all. Silly me.

Who Goes to College?

We all know the story of the college drop-outs who became millionaires…or even billionaires.

Those people did still attend college, so that’s not really an argument against attending college. They also usually dropped out with a set plan or because they were already making a lot of money with their business.

I think the lesson here is: “work to learn, not to earn”.

Whether you are working towards a degree or working for a company, you shouldn’t be doing anything strictly for the money, unless of course you want to be unhappy for the rest of your life, and then…by all means! At least you’ll have money, right?

Is it Worth It?

A degree, on it’s own, is just a piece of paper. If you have a set plan and you need a degree to reach your goals, then you have every reason to go after it, even if you have to go into debt.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a plan, a college degree is often a waste of money. I know more than a few people with a college degree and a job that doesn’t require one.

It really comes down to the specific situation.

Contrary to popular belief, going to college is not always the right answer.

I am a huge advocate for education and learning, but if you are going to go into some serious debt for it, do your research and be sure you are making a wise decision.

Let’s look at the numbers and some stats in this infographic from Universities.com to get a better understanding of the overall picture…

College Education Debt Infographic

Infographic: Universities.com