What do you include in your car emergency kit? An emergency kit is very important but many people tend to overlook it. You don’t have to wait until you experience a breakdown in the middle of nowhere and you have nothing in your car trunk. According to carcover.com, these are 15 important items you can keep in your car emergency kit.

1. Flashlight

Light is important in any situation. It becomes more convenient when you have a portable source of light like a flashlight. It could really come in handy if you get stuck in a dark place with just you and your car. If your interior lights won’t switch on you can use your flashlight. Also, make sure the flashlight has extra batteries just in case you need them.

2. Fire Extinguisher

Fires are tragic. If a fire happens to start in your car or anywhere near it, you could control the damage if you have a fire extinguisher somewhere in your car. We don’t anticipate accidents but when you’re on the road they are inevitable. It is better safe than sorry.

3. Charged Cell Phone

What do you do if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with no-one in sight? I can tell you for sure that if you do not have a solution you might just end up sleeping there with your broken car and no food. Always carry a charged cell phone to call for help when need be.

4. First Aid Kit

You could hurt yourself at any point when you’re on the move. If it is not you, it could be someone near you. Having a first aid kit in your car will help you salvage the situation before you can get to a hospital.

5. Tow Strap

When your car breaks down on the road, you can either leave it there and risk having it destroyed some more or looted, or you can tow it home. Having tow straps could come on handy in such a situation.

6. Motor Oil

Have you ever ran out of gas and the next petrol station is miles away? It is always wise to carry a bottle or two of motor oil in your car. That way you’re safe to drive up to a petrol station for a fill-up.

7. Gloves

Picture this scenario. You’re rushing to a meeting and your car won’t start. You have to open it up and check what’s up. Gloves could do magic here. You just slide your hands into them, fix your car and proceed to your meeting.

8. Warning Triangles With Reflector

Once you pull over on a highway for whatever reason, you need to signal other cars so that they do not come ramming into your car. You do so by setting up reflective triangles at a safe distance.

9. Water and Nonperishable Snacks

You do not want to die of hunger or thirst when you’re stuck at a place with no shops or any sign of homes. You should, therefore, carry drinking water and some snacks on your car.

10. Good Spare Tire

A flat tire could be frustrating. Always carry a spare one to help you when you unexpectedly get a flat tire as you go about your business. Also, make sure the spare tire is in good shape.

11. Jumper Cables

Your car battery could die while you’re on the road. There could be good Samaritans willing to help but all that is dependent on whether you have jumper cables to facilitate the connection. It is crucial to have these with you at all times.

12. Duct Tape

This one may seem like just an ordinary item that should be left in the house but no. Duct tape is necessary in every situation you’re faced with in life. It could save you from a night in the cold with your car. Always have it.

13. Tire Gauge

You do not want to get a rude shock when you get a flat tire and your spare tire is flat too. That is why you should have a tire gauge to check on the spare tire occasionally.

14. Windshield Ice Scraper

This comes in handy during winter. You could park your car for about an hour and when you come back it’s covered in snow and ice. An ice scraper could save your life here.

15. Warm Blanket

If worse comes to worst and you have to sleep in your car, a warm blanket will be your Savior. It could also be a cold day and you’re struggling to keep warm. Having a blanket could help you retain some warmth in your body.

Final Words

Once you own a car, having an emergency kit should be your top priorities. No one knows when an emergency will hit you. But you can save the situation if you have an emergency kit. I believe you now have an idea of some of the most important things you should include when creating your car emergency kit.