Being in the technological age, most insurance agencies have made the transition to technologically-based management systems. These systems help insurance professionals keep their financial business and clients organized.

Although many companies might be aware of using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to handle client information, all insurance companies should be using an insurance management system. Insurance management systems can be very cost effective, and actually help insurance companies save money in the long run, when used properly.

What is an Insurance Management System?

Insurance management systems are software technology that insurance agencies use to organize their business. These systems allow insurance businesses to effectively run their business, and include all business and customer finances. Insurance management systems are essentially a method of organizing an insurance company’s books.

Insurance Management System vs. CRM

Essentially an insurance management system is a CRM but highly adapted. CRM is typically a generic system, while an insurance management system is specifically designed to work for insurance companies. This reduces the need for customization, creating a lower cost for the insurer.

Insurance management systems aid in productivity. They are built specifically for the finance and insurance industries. Due to the specificity of the software, it makes it easy not only to use in general, but also to train staff to utilize this software.

Typically CRM is used to track communications with prospects, clients, and leads.

Insurance management systems offer a variety of other services such as:

  • Agent tracking
  • Policy tracking
  • Managing and processing of commissions
  • Managing of groups
  • Email marketing
  • Workflow automation
  • Task management
  • Business performance analysis
  • Industry-specific reporting

An insurance management system is a system in all totality. It provides you with all the services you might receive from 2-4 CRM systems, in one software. Everything is centralized in one location to save you time and money.


In the insurance industry, there should always be an attitude of “work smarter, not harder”. Being more productive will allow you to do this. Insurance management systems aid in productivity by providing automated tasks such as holiday emails to keep you in the mind of your customers, policy renewal reminders, and lead notifications. The more important aspect of productivity that occurs with an insurance management system is that of organizing data.


Policy tracking, commission processing and proper records will aid in saving money in the long run, this is why organization is so important.

Generic CRM systems might not be able to track your policies in the way that an insurance management system can. By keeping good track of commissions and balancing your books with an insurance management system, you will be organized. This will allow you to know what you can spend, if you can hire an assistant, and how many customers you need in order to turn a positive profit. By having a good organization, your insurance management system will pay for itself and become more cost effective.

Invest in Yourself and Your Clients

Investing in your business is a commitment to your clients and yourself. By utilizing an insurance management system, you will not only provide better service for your clients, but will be able to more effectively manage your budget. Agency Automation Team, Inc. provides Insurance Management System needs for all insurance professionals.