Identity theft is a real-time problem that is spreading at a high rate around the world. It is equally harmful if not less than malware threat.

Criminals try to steal your personally identifiable information in multiple ways. To do this, they may send you malicious links & attachments in emails masquerading as an authentic source or they can spread malware on your system through different ways.

Once they steal your information, criminals misuse it to avail credit services in your name, apply for different social & financial services, or use it in other illegal ways.

To deal with identity theft issues, we suggest you should use the best identity theft protection services. Let’s discuss more about these tools here.

1. Advanced Identity Protector

Use Advanced Identity protector to prevent intruders from accessing your personal information. It ensures that all your confidential information remain secure and cannot be accessed by anyone except you.

You can use this tool to protect sensitive information like passwords, bank credentials, email accounts, credit card details, social security numbers, and more. Working as one of the best identity theft prevention tools, it also helps you organize your personal data securely.

Here, it scans your complete device storage to find identity traces on it and keep it safe in built-in Secure Vault. During the process, it scans web browsers, email clients, documents & files, and Windows Registry to find the identity traces.

Best ID Theft Protection

2. Complete ID

Complete ID makes the process of identity protection simple so that you can focus on more important things. This world-class identity protection service offers abundant useful security features to keep your identity intact.

These features include dark web surveillance, payday loan monitoring, SSN monitoring, child monitoring, neighborhood watch, financial account takeover services, criminal record monitoring, and more.

This powerful tool sends you numerous alerts to keep you updated about all things that could cause trouble for you. Its child identity monitoring service can cover up to five minors. It offers up to one million dollars of identity theft insurance to keep you financially secure.

ID Theft Protection Options

3. Privacy Guard

Privacy Guard helps protect what matters to you. It sends you regular credit reports and scores from all 3 major credit agencies to keep you updated. It offers easy access to advanced identity theft protection at your fingertips with daily credit monitoring.

Here, you get quick notifications by text, phone or email when certain changes occur in your credit files. It provides 24/7 support to help you deal with identity theft attempts effectively.

Privacy Guard

4. Intelius Identity Protect

Use this one of the best identity theft protection software tools to keep your identity safe from all types of cyber threats. It sends you instant credit reports & scores to help you monitor if there are any changes in your credit ratings.

By viewing and monitoring credit score, you can easily avoid any threat caused due to illegal activities. It also helps you monitor your public records and sends you alerts for signs of potential identity theft.

It offers $1 million identity theft insurance & identity recovery kit to keep you safe. Furthermore, it offers 24/7 access to fraud resolution experts to keep you safe.

Identity Theft Protection companies

5. LifeLock

LifeLock offers abundant useful features to keep you safe from all cyberthreats effectively. It sends you numerous security alerts including SSN & credit alerts, bank & credit card activity alerts, alerts on crimes in your name, investment activity alerts and more to keep you safe.

It sends you annual 3 Bureau credit reports and credit scores to help you monitor it well.

Additionally, it offers features like lost wallet protection, USPS address change verification, dark web monitoring, data breach notifications, fictitious identity monitoring, LifeLock privacy monitoring, file-sharing network searches, sex offender registry reports, priority live member support, $1 million insurance, and more.

Lifelock ID Theft

So, these are some of the best identity theft prevention software tools, you can try to keep your identity safe. If you know more such best tools to keep identity safe, then feel free to comment below.