A bike provides the most convenient personal transport option today. Busy, potholed roads are easier to navigate with a bike rather than a car. You can find your way out of the tightest spots, and travel merrily down the narrowest roads without a care in the world. A bike is most practical for short commutes, and it is a safe vehicle if you follow safe driving practices.

But despite all the precautions you take, you are still vulnerable to outside forces every time you take your bike out for a spin. You must protect yourself and your bike with a good two-wheeler insurance plan.

Here are 3 reasons why:

1. Protects Against 3rd Part Liability

A two-wheeler is considered to be more vulnerable to accidental damages and repairs than a four-wheeler, because the former is often not as sturdy as the latter. Also, the bike rider is completely exposed to the elements, other vehicles, and indeed any mishap that takes place on the road.

Thus, 2 wheeler insurance is made mandatory for all bikes in India. The two-wheeler insurance protects you from third party liability in case you are involved in an accident – if the accident was caused due to your mistake, then you must bear the cost of repair and any third party claims that arise therein. However, the insurance policy takes care of the same.

2. High Costs of Repair and Maintenance

Repairing a two-wheeler is quite expensive. In fact, the costlier and heavier your bike, the more expensive the repairs and annual maintenance become.

You might have to shell out a few thousand Rupees in case your bike gets damaged due to manmade or natural calamities. But you don’t need to pay from your pocket if you have a valid two-wheeler insurance policy on your vehicle.

3. Piece of Mind

Accidents lurk on every corner. You might be a safe rider, following all the traffic rules and never jeopardizing yourself or others by rash driving. But you cannot vouch for other riders, car owners and jaywalkers. Every time you take your bike out for a spin, you run the risk of collisions, jaywalkers suddenly straying into your path, other cars and bikes cutting across you, etc.

The potential for accidents and injuries is immense. If you were to be hospitalized, the two-wheeler insurance policy would pay the treatment and hospitalization costs, as also the repairs for your bike. The 2-wheeler insurance gives you peace of mind by protecting you and your bike every time you are on the road.