“I believe in science.” -Esqueleto, Nacho Libre

I’m all about science-backed productivity.

From how habits are formed to the time of day we are most productive, I think science plays a huge role in helping us become more productive.

That’s exactly why I think it’s important to see some actual studies and how they pertain to your productivity…

Science and Productivity

Science is actually the foundation of some of the most popular productivity strategies out there.

David Allen and Brian Tracy are two of the most popular productivity authors and both of them use science to backup their teaching.

David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” is all about studies and scientific research that shows us how to be more productive.

Brian Tracy writes about scientific research as well. He even wrote “The Psychology of Selling,” which is almost completely based on scientific research and studies. And it’s pretty interesting.

Also, James Clear writes a lot on science-based productivity. You can download his book, “Transform Your Habits: The Science of How to Stick to Good Habits and Break Bad Ones,” for free here.

Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for. Here’s the infographic…

6 Productivity Hacks Backed By Science

Infographic: CourseFinder