I love apps. I don’t use 100, I just use a few that work really well.

I always try to consolidate. If I can find one app to do the work of two, I’m sold.

This infographic shows 20 of the best apps out there…

My Personal Favorites

Habit List and Remember the Milk are my favorite apps from this list.

I use Habit List to track all of my habits. It’s fun to check each habit off, and it really makes you feel accomplished. It’s like a regular checklist on steroids.

I use Remember the Milk and GoTasks to manage my daily tasks. I use GoTasks most often, but I keep Remember the Milk around because it’s so detailed. You can set the exact time and date to complete tasks, and you can even set how long the tasks will take.

Remember the Milk also has a lot of cool shortcuts. You can enter the date with the task, in almost any format and it will put everything in for you, so a task would look something like this:

“Schedule next finance article 7 Dec 5am”

It would put in the task at 5am on December 7th. That’s pretty handy and quick to use.

Enough about me, look at these awesome apps! Then comment and let me know which ones you use.

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