Today I have something a little different for you. I’ve been talking to the guys over at Nine Hertz, a product-service based IT company and developer of the famous Android App called “Whistle Phone Finder”. They’ve been kind enough to write some additional information to go along with their awesome infographic. IT cloning is something that I know nothing about, so this was an interesting read for me! Without further ado, enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments…

Cloning simply means to create duplicate of anything.

The term IT Cloning was derived from the biology term “cloning” where clone of any animal can be created using any particle of the animal.

But IT cloning refers to the duplicity of any website or application in terms of its design and functionality.

Clone websites don’t use the code of the original one. Developers design it from scratch using their own code.

IT cloning has become very common and it can be seen in our daily life, with companies like Airbnb & Wimdu, Flipkart & Snapdeal, Alibaba & Amazon, Snapchat & Bolt, Whatsapp & Telegram etc…

Now the question is “How are clone websites more benefited than original websites?”

I think a real life success story can explain it in a better way…

The Samwer Brothers

So let’s know the story of Samwer brothers from Germany.

Three Brothers: Marc, Alexander and Oliver Samwer who are known as “Clone Kings” as they have cloned more than 100 ideas. Now they are billion dollar guys.

They started cloning from Ebay in 1999 and within 100 days they sold their Ebay clone ( to Ebay for $50 million.

In early 2000, they promoted cloning of the US business model of Jamba (a Mobile Content Firm) and for that the famous song Crazy Frog was composed. In 2004, they sold it to Verisign for $270 Million. This sale proved the “Pragmatic Method” approach built on the innovation and inspirations of others.

After that, the Samwer brothers started a venture named “Rocket Internet” in 2007. They made investments in 100 top notch companies in more than 50 countries. Later they invested on Youtube clone (MyVideo), Facebook Clone (studi.vz), Twitter Clone (Frazr) and more.

In 2008, they built a clone of, which is an e-commerce portal, and launched their clone as Zalando, which is now dominating in more than 6 big European countries.

The Samwer brothers were quite impressed with the business model of the daily deal website Groupon, launched in Canada in 2009. And in 2010, they launched a Groupon clone named Citydeal. Within next 5 months, it became the top daily deal website in UK, France, Italy, Spain, and more European countries. Later they sold it to Groupon with a 14% share and $126 Million.

After that they cloned eHarmony, named as eDarling, and sold it to eHarmony at 30% stake. The Samwer brothers have cloned other high profile business websites, including a Pinterest clone and more. In 2011, 6WunderKinder launched “The Anti-Copycat Evolution” to stop cloning, but it could not break IT cloning, so IT cloning is still being implemented in industry.

So, I think now you have got a better understanding of how you can become a billionaire implementing IT cloning with your innovative ideas and strategies.

You can learn more about IT cloning from below infographic…

Quick Note From Kalen: You may not be interested in trying this (personally, it’s not for me), but I still think the topic and the infographic is extremely fascinating. I always like to see innovative ideas that make people rich. It keeps us thinking.

IT Cloning Infographic

Infographic: Nine Hertz