What increases productivity? Organization? Daily rituals? Coffee?

There are a number of things that increase productivity and even more articles out there with life hacks and productivity hacks.

So let’s look at what actually works at home and at work…

A Typical Work Day

In this awesome infographic from Salesforce, we will go through a typical work day.

The beginning of your day usually comprising the most productive hours.

Everyone is still sleeping, which allows you to have an undistracted time of focus to work on the things that truly matter.

This could be a side job you’re working on or it could simply be some positive habits you want to implement, such as reading, writing, prayer, meditation or a combination of many habits.

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The morning hours are precious to me, but you may have a different time of day to yourself. You may use the late hours of the night or the afternoon. You have to find the most effective time of the day for you.

Once you get to work, you’ll have to stay focused, because I know you want to accomplish more than everyone else in the same amount of time…or less!

There are some great tips in this infographic on staying focused and accomplishing everything you can through your work day.

Finally, the end of the day. Another highly important time. A time to wind down and relax. And a time to plan/prepare for tomorrow. You’ll even get some sleeping tips!

Now I’ll shutup and let you enjoy this infographic…

Increase productivity in and out of the office

Infographic: Salesforce