It may seem unrealistic to think about becoming a multi-millionaire before your 30th birthday, but think about all the people who did it. It’s not some crazy story about a guy working hard for 10 years on one project before it finally took off.

These are stories like David Karp, who started Tumbler and had close to 100,000 users within a couple weeks. He then sold it for a few million a year after he started the website, while he was still living at home with mommy. I think he could probably afford to move out after that.

Or what about Michelle Phan, who has the ultimate blogger success story and now she’s worth a few million.

I’m not saying it’s easy, but it is possible…

The Most Important Step

So what do all these young millionaires have in common? They did something. They got started. They took the first step – the most important step.

It’s easy to sit around and say you’ll never be successful, especially if you aren’t even trying. You can’t have an overnight-success website if you never start a website. Your business can’t take off if you don’t have one and you can’t sell your business for millions if you never start it!

Maybe you don’t want to start a business or create a website, but if you want to “take off” or succeed, you’ve got to do something. What can you do? What can you be successful at? It will likely take many failures before you make it, so you should start now.

You could be the next success story (whether you’re under 30 or not). The first step is getting started. Why not start writing down some ideas today? Find something and run with it. The worst that could happen is you could fail. Failure is merely growth, as long as you allow yourself to grow instead of giving up.

Let this infographic be an inspiration to you and your success in the near future…

CEOs Millionaire before 30 infographic

Infographic: Essay Expert