If you’re stressed out by money issues and working around the clock to try to get things straight, one of the first things to drop from your schedule is likely to be self-care.

In particular, exercise can feel like a drain on your time when you have deadlines to hit and serious concerns about making ends meet. Add to this the issue that gym memberships and home weightlifting equipment cost a lot of money, and the sums soon stop adding up. Exercise and staying productive do not seem to go together.

But in fact, little could be further from the truth.

For starters, smartly scheduled exercise can be extremely beneficial to your professional productivity. Exercise helps free the mind, energize you, and keep morale up via the release of endorphins. Indeed, it is counter-productive to work too long without regular breaks. If you’re able to fit in fifteen minutes of thrusts, jumping jacks and bicycle crunches every couple of hours, you’ll start to keep your body lean and toned without hurting your work targets.

Secondly, exercise needn’t cost a thing. Our ancient ancestors didn’t have gym memberships to keep up and exercise bikes in their caves! If your lifestyle isn’t exactly “hunter-gatherer” you can still stay sharp by using your own bodyweight to do cardiovascular, core and all-over body work. Some of these exercises are classics such as push-ups and crunches, while others are variations on the more esoteric world of yoga and Pilates.

Try to find space at your place of work, or to prioritize exercising first thing when you get home each evening. There’s no reason to letting yourself go while you’re striving for a better future. For an instant guide on where to start, check out this infographic detailing the best bodyweight exercises to be done away from the gym or any unnecessary equipment. It’s a great way to look after yourself while you’re toning your finances.

Warming Up

Warm up to prevent injury and easily introduce the exercises to your body.

bodyweight exercises heart rate warm up

Strengthen Your Core

Your core is the foundation of your strength. All strength starts here.

bodyweight exercises ab workouts

Strengthen Your Upper Body

Work on your upper body for overall strength.

bodyweight exercises upper body

Strengthen Your Lower Body

Your lower body is essential, especially if you’re trying to lose fat. The biggest muscles are in your lower body (or at least they should be), and muscle growth triggers fat loss.

lower body bodyweight exercises

Check out the video for proper form demonstration:

Infographic: CashNetUSA